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Shipping Auto Parts

When your automotive vehicle parts or auto body parts need to be shipped as freight, FreightCenter can schedule delivery and pick up to save you time and money.

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shipping autobody parts

Shipping Auto Parts or Auto Body Parts

Whether you are a manufacturer shipping car hoods or any other auto body part on a regular basis, or someone looking to rebuild that classic vehicle, you need freight shipping services that safely transport your auto parts. Many large auto parts have special handling requirements making freight the only way to transport large automobile parts. FreightCenter is the expert when you are looking to ship or receive any parts for your vehicle. Get an instant quote to ship auto parts right here.

What types of automotive parts will FreightCenter ship?

FreightCenter helps people ship all parts of your vehicle no matter where you need to ship it. Some of the most common car shipping parts to ship consist of things such as tires/wheels, axles, engines, bumpers, hoods, fenders, grills, spoilers, doors, and more. If you need help shipping automotive parts, contact us today at 800.716.7608.

How do I know if shipping auto part are better suited for LTL, FTL, partial truckload or parcel shipping?

If you are shipping light items that can fit in boxes, parcel shipping is the best option. This includes items that weigh less than 100 pounds. If your parts weigh more than 100 pounds, and you are shipping less than 4 pallets you should use LTL (less than truckload). A partial truckload is a great option when you are shipping 5-12 pallets and anything over 12 pallets truckload shipping is likely your best option.

How can you package auto parts to be shipped freight?

The way you package an auto part for LTL shipping will depend on the shape of the auto part. Some auto parts are more fragile and need to be padded before they are put in a truck. In some cases, it might be necessary to take the auto part apart first if it is possible. To be safe, it is a good idea to talk to someone at FreightCenter so we can guide you about the best way to package the part.

Engine & Powertrain Parts Shipped

Auto Body Sections Shipped

Auto body parts are all the cosmetic pieces that encase a vehicle, among which are,

Making Shipping Auto Parts Simple

We make shipping auto parts and auto body parts simple. We can pick up and ship anywhere, even from the top car manufacturers to the local custom body shop if you need. Freightcenters account managers are essentially automotive logistics experts and are available for all shipping needs. FreightCenter will handle all aspects of your auto shipment from beginning to end.


We Keep it Simple

We provide easy, customizable solutions and handle all the work for you; including, quotes, scheduling pickups/deliveries and tracking.

We Provide Options

We have access to 2,500+ carriers plus well over 50,000 trucks throughout the United States, and can arrange full, partial, and specialized loads.

Free Instant Auto Shipping Quotes

There are no costs or obligations to quote our services. Call in and get as many shipping rates as you would like for free.

How To Prepare Your Engine or Automotive Parts For Shipping

When shipping automobile parts, it is necessary to take several precautions while preparing your auto part for shipping:

  • Drain any liquids including water – before shipping to avoid delay, damage, and additional charges.
  • Package Securely – This means packaging your auto part properly by crating it and securing it to a standard pallet. If scratches and dents are a concern, FreightCenter recommends to properly crate the auto part. Crating prevents your items from being crushed.
  • Measure Accurately – Give the most accurate weight possible when quoting automotive shipping rates (total shipping weight must include packaging).
engine wrapped and strapped on pallet

How can I track the shipping my auto parts?

Automotive parts, as with other parts our customers often ship, can be tracked easily and frequently. As long as you have your bill of lading (BOL) number, you can track your shipment from the moment it leaves the dock up until when it arrives at its final destination.

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