train shipping freight through bustling city

Shipping by Train

US railroads move almost 40% of the US nation’s freight measure by weight. Trains offer high quality services at competitive rates. Over 1.4 million freight cars and over 30 thousand freight trains are in use in the United States. Shipping lots of general or specialized freight between major cities is efficient. Box cars and covered wagons are often used for general merchandise. Shipping by train covers heavy loads and great distances. Rail freight lacks flexibility in comparison to road transportation. Consider rail as an option for your shipment. Contact us via telephone to see what options and savings we can offer.

Common Carrier Freight Railroads

Around 700 train companies operate freight services in the US. Over one hundred thirty thousand miles of track is available in the US. Carriers move freight on one of three freight classes of railroads. All three classes are determined by revenue. Class I railroads are operated by one of seven railroads in the US and cover the most miles. Class II are regional railroads or a line haul railroad. There are over 30 regional railroads. Class III are local line haul railroads and cover the shortest stretches. The Local lines have over 300 railroads. They preform point to point services over short distances. Switching and terminal carriers preform pickup and delivery services. FreightCenter can help you identify a best carrier for shipping by train.

Where can I find Freight Trains and Ship?

Most major cities have lanes transporting freight by train. Shipping by train can be a challenge. The type of product being shipped and the destination have limitations. There isn’t a simple process for shipping by train. The average person can't set up a train shipment and have the ability to track. Using FreightCenter allows you to save money and do all the work for you. We have specialized on site sales reps that can assist you with all your questions and concerns. Call us today and see if shipping by train is an option for your freight needs.