Shipping Forms

Shipping Forms

Bill of Lading

A Bill of Lading (or BOL) is standard, mandatory paperwork that provides the carrier and driver with all the information relating to shipping costs and transport information. The purpose for this paperwork is to allow for proper billing to be processed by the shipping company and FreightCenter, Inc. All parties involved (this includes the buyer, seller and carrier) should have a copy of the BOL. It is crucial that the FreightCenter BOL be given to the carrier at the time of pickup, as this is what confirms your discounted rate with the carrier. Due to the volume of shipments we process through our shipping companies, FreightCenter has arranged discounted shipping rates which we pass on to you, our customers. If our BOL or additional account paperwork is modified or not used, the freight company will not know to bill FreightCenter using these pre-negotiated rates. To help keep shipping costs low, make sure the shipper uses only FreightCenter's BOL when authorizing the freight to the driver at pickup.

Your shipment paperwork and billing documents can all be found when you log in to your account. The BOL is attached to completed orders under the Bookings tab or link. 

Please note: There is a small fee to have FreightCenter change the billing terms with the carrier. To avoid this, ensure that all information is correct at the time of booking. 

Terms and Conditions

FreightCenter's terms and conditions outline the policies that we abide by as a licensed and secured freight broker and third-party logistics provider. By electing to use FreightCenter Inc.'s website and services, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions, which no agent or employee of the parties may alter. When you choose FreightCenter, you are acknowledging that FreightCenter Inc. is a Freight Broker, not a Freight Carrier.