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Book Your Freight Shipping Online

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Stop wasting time and money booking your freight shipments over the phone. With FreightCenter you can do everything including quoting, booking and tracking all online.

The best part? It's free! And, you get access to great discounts.

How does it work?

It's easy. All you have to do to get started is complete a quote form. We even have one at the top right side of this page.

What do you need to get a quote? All you need is the origin and destination locations, the size and quantity of your shipment and its freight class.

Once you've submitted all that information, you'll receive a list of carriers to choose from. You get to choose the carrier that meets your needs the best. Each one will have a unique combination of service, price and transit time.

Once you've chosen your preferred carrier you can book your shipment right then and there. A FreightCenter freight expert will review your shipment details before your shipment is processed. Once everything is approved, they'll schedule your shipment with your carrier of choice.

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Additional Online Freight Tools

calculator for online freight shippingFreightCenter offers several different freight shipping tools online. One of our customers' favorites is the Freight Shipping Calculator. This tool allows you to create a custom freight shipping calculator for your site. You can add the calculator to your website's online shopping cart or an auction listing. It's a popular tool for small businesses who sell their products online using eBay.

What's so great about that? That means your customers never have to leave your page to get shipping quotes. They can do it all online. Since the shipping costs are shown upfront there's less risk of your customers abandoning due to unknown costs.

Other useful online tools include our density calculator and zip code look up tool.

360 Degree Customer Support

Even when you book your shipments online, you've got the support of dedicated account managers and Customer Care reps.

Need help picking the right carrier for your needs? Not sure what accesorials your shipment requires? Want to check on the status of your shipment? Contact one of our freight experts at 800.716.7608.