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FreightCenter gives you access to a wide variety of freight shipping services. How do we do it? As a freight broker, we partner with freight carriers who have trucks, trains or airplanes that transport large items. Our network is so large we can offer freight services to individuals and businesses across the country and into Canada and Mexico.

Each of our carriers offers a unique set of services and equipment types. As a FreightCenter customer, you get access to all those services with just one quote.

The best part? It's free! All you have to do is get a quote and you'll receive rates from some of the industry's top freight companies. Choose the carrier with the price, transit time and services that meet your needs.


Freight services can usually be broken down into two catergories: LTL and truckload.

LTL vs Truckload

LTL, or less than truckload, includes shipments that are too large for parcel carriers. Parcel carriers, like your local post office or UPS, limits the size of its shipments. Usually anything over 100 pounds is too large for parcel and thus considered freight. LTL freight is too small to take up a full truckload.

A truckload shipment takes up the majority, or entirety, of a freight trailer. In most cases, a shipment over 20,000 pounds is considered a full truckload.

While LTL and truckload freight shipping shares some of the same services, they can also require much different services.

Here's some basic, universal services used in both LTL and truckload shipping.

  • Call Ahead Notification
  • Guaranteed Time Delivery
  • Expedited Shipping
  • Lift Gate

A lot more residential shippers and small businesses use LTL shipping than large businesses. And, practically no residential shippers use truckload shipping. Residential shipments require a very specialized set of services.

Here's some examples of services that would only be used in LTL shipping:

  • White Glove
  • First Mile
  • Final Mile
  • Inside Delivery
  • Stair Carries
  • Blanket Wrap

Truckload services are dependent on the type of equipment needed. Here's some examples:

Check out our freight services directory page for a full list of shipping services.

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