Small Package Shipping

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Shipping with Parcel Carriers

Shipments under 70 lbs per carton and shipped in cartons, rather than on a pallet, are often moved via small package shipping with express carriers such as USPS, or DHL for international exports.

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How large can packages be?

Cartons within the following criteria are best shipped via parcel carriers rather than freight shipping services:

  • Individual packages can be up to 150 lbs (70 kg).
  • Each package can be up to 165 inches (419 cm) in length and girth (2x width+height) combined.
  • Packages can be up to 108 inches (270 cm) in length.
  • Packages with a large size-to-weight ratio require dimensional weight calculations (Multiply length x width x height/166=dimensional weight in pounds for US shipments.)
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