Shipping to or from Austin

Whether your freight transportation needs are intermodal, LTL, truckload, or rail, FreightCenter expertly handles shipping freight to or from Austin, TX - making it easy and affordable. Our partnerships with top freight companies in Austin, TX allow us to offer volume-discounted freight rates, backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee. Get a free, Instant Freight Quote and book your shipment today.

Austin Freight Shipping

austin city freight shipping

Austin freight shipping doesn’t have to be weird! With the boom in exports in Austin right now, you need a partner who can navigate the complexity of its infrastructure. FreightCenter can help you arrange loads in and out of Austin with ease and at a great price to boot!

Like in other major metro areas, Austin has a growing number of carrier terminals, rail hubs, ports, and major international businesses. Where Austin lacks in rail freight service, they make up for it in air freight infrastructure and ground transport. No matter how you slice it, ground freight shipping again reigns supreme! Shipping freight to Austin is impacted more by reliability and cost of freight than by time-critical transport that air freight shipping offers.

In fact, with all the access points located throughout the large state of Texas, the state has some of the toughest congestion for freight transportation in the U.S. Let FreightCenter navigate you around the bottleneck.

Austin, TX is a major center for high tech with a gdp of over $80 billion. It has a strong industrial sector in technology and defense. There are many high tech companies with operations in the area. These are some of the more familiar companies,

  • Dell
  • IBM
  • 3M
  • Apple
  • Ebay
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • HP

With some many high-tech companies operating out of Austin, the city has been dubbed “The Silicon Hills”. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are expected to continue growth in Austin. There is one Fortune 500 companies located in the city.

Whole Foods Market is a supermarket chain with over 431 stores. These stores are located in the US, Canada, and the UK. They specialize in grocery and health foods becoming the first certified US organic grocer.

Population in Austin, Texas has increased since 2009 when truck and rail service dominated the area, and not much has changed. In the spirit of “keeping it weird,” Austin has become of one the nation’s largest bottlenecks for freight.

What is the closest ocean port to Austin, Texas?

Most shippers choose the Port of San Antonio as the closest port, but Houston is an alternative nearby option.