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Large Chandeliers are used in many places to be the focus of the room. Chandeliers come in many styles, finishes, colors and types. Grand or large Chandeliers are big and costly. Shipping chandeliers of this size is either outside parcel limitations or a high-risk damage. Freight services can best ship your chandelier. It will ensure the chandelier gets to your destination unharmed. Properly packaging your item is key to a successful transport of your chandelier. You should consider crating it or using a double wall box. Using a pallet can avoid any damages from a personal attempting to lift it. Strapping the item to the pallet will ensure it will not tip or slide around. When shipping chandeliers in quantity, use pallets or crates.

Specialized and Custom Shipping Chandeliers

There are several types of chandeliers. Here are the ones we ship most often:

Uplight Chandeliers – Uses shades that open towards the ceiling. Uplight shine their light upwards.

Downlight Chandeliers – Use shades that open towards the ground. Downlight shine the light downwards.

Cluster Chandeliers – Group materials such as glass and orbs together and are lit from within.

Pendant Chandeliers – These are made with many pendant lights. They are gathered together under a single canopy.

Pendant Bowl Chandeliers – Are a single large bowl suspended from the ceiling.

Chandeliers are creative and unique. Some can be one of a kind and expensive. There all sorts of lighting that people have created or fallen in love with over the years. Keeping these items safe and secure is as important as saving money shipping chandeliers.

Shipping Chandeliers

Advice on Shipping Chandeliers

When you need to ship a chandelier don’t short cut the packaging. You will want to make sure your lighting it properly packaged to safely arrive at its destination. Make sure to remove all the bulbs from the chandelier and package them separately in a box. Wrap each bulb individually and make sure the bulbs don’t float around in the box. Use bubble wrap or paper products to protect the arms of the chandelier. You will want to find a double walled box to place it in preferably. Secure the box in the center of a pallet and use shrink wrap. Banding the box in place will assure it will not slide or tip.

Crating a chandelier is the best method for transporting. A crate will prevent any outside elements from introducing themselves to your precious lighting. At FreightCenter, we take shipping chandeliers seriously. We understand the importance or your centerpiece lighting. We want to make sure its arrives in perfect condition. We want to save you time and money using our services. Our online freight quote will show you estimated delivery times available. It will also show you how much money you will save shipping chandeliers with us. Try our free tool today or call us for personal help. Special requests are always welcome.

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