shipping cleaning supplies

Shipping Cleaning Supplies

Buying cleaning supplies wholesale or direct from manufacturers can save you money. Shipping cleaning supplies from these locations is where we can help. Manufacturers of cleaning supplies needing freight services should contact us. We offer deep discount transporting cleaning supplies all over the United States. Janitorial and industrial cleaners are transported daily from companies to distribution centers. Distribution centers move the supplies to end users such as schools. We ship supplies for offices, restaurants, shops and retail locations. Large volumes are cleaners in drums or canisters are best shipped with freight services. Parcel carriers have limitations that prevent them from certain types of shipments. With freight services, your limitations are lifted. Here is a small list of cleaning supplies we ship a lot of.

cleaning supplies

  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Cleaning carts
  • Cleaning tools
  • Floor cleaners
  • Laundry products
  • Soaps and dispensers

Use our online freight quote to calculate the best rates. It will show you which carriers are available. The list will show you what the estimated delivery time. It will also show you real time pricing and how much you will save. You can schedule your shipment immediately. Billing and booking can all be performed right online. If you wish to talk to a person, you can call us. We have dedicated agents on staff to best assist your needs. They can answer all questions or concerns you may have. Shipping cleaning products with FreightCenter will save you time and money. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Advice for Shipping Cleaning Supplies

Most cleaning supplies are liquids that we ship. Protecting these liquids from tipping or puncture is required. Keep liquids packaged in the middle of the shipment if possible. If the entire load is liquid, try to keep at least 6” as a buffer from the edge of the pallet.

Shipping cleaning supplies via freight services is easy. We can schedule all pickup and delivery. We will create your packing lists and bills of lading. All billing is performed by us. You will be provided tracking information that you can follow online. All you need to do is package the supplies on a pallet. Make sure nothing is overhanging on the pallet. Wrap the load with shrink wrap and band it. Get accurate measurements on weight and dimensions. These calculations are the primary numbers that generate your freight estimate. The carriers will verify the actual numbers and bill accordingly. Label your product clearly on the pallets. Saving you time and money is our number one goal. Try us either online or over the phone today!