Furniture Delivery Services

Moving to a different state and need to ship your furniture? Sell custom made furniture that you need delivered to a customer across the country? Need to ship a couch you just bought? FreightCenter offers specialized freight shipping services for furniture. The tips below will make sure your furniture delivery goes smooth. 

White Glove

White glove is a specialty freight service for fragile items that need special care. This is also a great service for furniture sellers who care about the end customer experience. That's because it ensures your customer gets complete delivery service which includes the following:

  • Inside delivery and set up by trained specialists
  • Removal of debris/packaging materials
  • Sequential loading
  • Light assembly
  • Stair carries

Blanket Wrap

Blanket wrap freight involves wrapping the furniture in specially made blankets instead of packaging them in boxes or crates. The furniture is then strapped down to the truck to keep it secure. Often times, freight companies will dedicate certain trucks to blanket wrap freight. This means your furniture wont be transported with other items that are crated and boxed that are more likely to damage your shipment. 

Furniture Delivery Tips

Do your research and talk to freight experts before booking your furniture shipment to ensure you have all the services you need. While blanket wrapping and white glove might not be necessary, other common accesorials like liftgates, guaranteed delivery or expedited shipping might be. Unless you're shipping to someone who has a loading dock or forklift, you will definitely need liftgates services. If you don not request them and end up needing them you risk costly billing adjustments.