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shipping golf course mowers

Shipping Golf Course Mowers

Freight shipping services save you money shipping golf course mowers. Compare leading freight companies’ rates in one simple online tool.

The Best Way to Make Shipping Golf Course Mowers & Turf Equipment Easy & Affordable

Turf equipment is used in commercial locations such as golf courses and sports fields. Landscape contractors use this equipment daily to cut and maintain large areas.

Most golf courses use up to 4 types of mowers to keep their courses. These are the most common.

  • Fairway

  • Rough mowers

  • Trim mowers

  • Greens mowers

The value of these mowers keeps them being traded even years after they have been in use, sometimes at great distances. But all these types of mowers are large and heavy. They can’t be shipped as parcels.

Weight Makes Freight

Freight companies must ship golf course mowers because they weigh more than 150 lb. The LTL trucking service is perfect for shipping one or a few pieces of turf equipment.

LTL trucking has competitive rates and delivery times. There are a lot of commercial trucking companies.

Many of the best commercial trucking companies that provide LTL service compete for your business on FreightCenter.

Some of the Biggest Name-brand Mowers We Ship

  • Toro

  • John Deere

  • Jacobsen TriKing

  • National

  • Hustle Turf

  • Scag and Bob-Cat

How Much Will it Cost to Ship a Golf Course Mower?

The cost of shipping a golf course mower through LTL freight will depend on several factors including dimensions and weight, distance, freight class, carrier rates, and any additional services required.

Due to the various variables involved, it is difficult to provide an exact cost without specific details.

It is recommended to contact LTL freight carriers or freight brokers who can gather the necessary information and provide accurate quotes based on your specific shipment requirements.

Get the Lowest Price for Shipping Golf Course Mowers

We designed a tool to help you find a suitable carrier for your shipment. Our tool will shop all available carriers for you online. The results returned will show you which vendors are available to ship your turf equipment and for how much (in real-time dollars).

It will also show the estimated delivery times of each carrier. Booking your shipment is quick and easy. Our instant freight quote calculator will allow you to perform the entire transaction online. The transaction should take less than 5 minutes.

We have in-house agents to help you with special requirements or concerns. Call us toll-free at 800.716.7608 and book over the phone if you prefer.

If you are a manufacturer or frequent shipper of mowers, we will assign a dedicated agent to your account. You will save time and money shipping golf course mowers using FreightCenter.

Do You Sell Turf Equipment?

New equipment costs have made used or refurbished equipment a huge commodity. Online venues are trading and selling turf equipment every day. The cost of shipping golf course equipment will affect its perceived value.

Use our tool for free to calculate what your mower should cost to transport before you buy or sell. If you are selling mowers, you should even use our quote feature in your ad to aid the sale of your item.

We have agents to help you set up using our calculator on your eCommerce site so your customers can immediately see the shipping costs. Low shipping costs. Contact us today to see how much we will save you shipping golf course mowers.

Shipping Golf Course Mowers with FreightCenter

Using FreightCenter for shipping golf course mowers offers the convenience of accessing a wide carrier network, cost savings, specialized expertise, and a streamlined shipping experience.

shipping golf course mowers

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