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Milwaukee Freight Shipping

Milwaukee freight shipping map

Milwaukee it’s a city that just keeps growing, being flooded with investments combined with its prime location, Milwaukee has gotten to be part of the top cities for global trade. Milwaukee is located near America's population center, having a third of US manufacturing outputs within 600 miles of the city, this makes for Milwaukee to be a commercial shipping hub. Milwaukee has a commitment to increase manufacturing in America, which benefits all the shippers. They provide a wide array of tax exemptions for manufacturing machinery, equipment and more, as well as: tax incentives for relocation, job creation, dairy manufacturing and research expenditures.

Milwaukee, WI is known as a beer town. It originally held the top four beer breweries in the world. Miller Brewery is the second largest beer manufacturer in the US. It is also the only remaining large manufacturer of beer. Microbreweries, nanobreweries and brewpubs are growing at rapid paces in the city today. Milwaukee has many successful manufacturing companies along with six Fortune 500 companies headquartering there. These companies are,

  • Johnson Controls is a multinational conglomerate with locations on six continents. They produce products such as car seats, batteries, climate controls, and automobile interior designs.
  • Northwestern Mutual is a financial services company. They provide services such as retirement planning, trust services, and business planning.
  • Manpower Group is a multinational hr consulting firm. The company provides services such as assessment, career management, outsourcing, and workforce consulting.
  • Rockwell Automation is a company that provides information products and industrial automation. They offer solutions that include manufacturing and assembly, material handling, packaging, and more.
  • Harley-Davison is a motorcycle manufacturer. They have manufacturing facilities in Kansas City, York, Milwaukee, Manaus, and Bawal.
  • WEC Energy Group is a Diversified utilities company. They provide natural gas and electricity and serve customers in four states.