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Portland Freight Shipping

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Portland, Oregon is known throughout the country as a seaport and the largest city in the state. Seated on the expansive Willamette River, Portland also reaches out to the Pacific Ocean for international freight shipping. Portland freight shipping options are some of the most sustainable and eco-friendly. The city achieves this through efficiencies in its road and rail infrastructure and the use of clean vehicles with low emissions.

How much does it cost to ship freight to Portland, OR?

The cost to ship freight depends on what you're shipping and how it needs to be shipped. Several factors like freight class and capacity can increase rates, which is why we encourage shippers to book soon after receiving a freight quote.

Portland, OR is supported by many industries thanks to its ability to transport goods. It has large marine shipping facilities and the Port of Portland. This port is the third largest port on the west coast. It is also one of the largest worldwide dry docks for commercial use. The multiple interstates allow freight trucking services easy access in and out. Portland also maintains intercontinental railroads. Portland has many contributors to its economic success. The following three are noteworthy,

  • The Port of Portland is the largest freshwater port. It ranks #3 in export tonnage on the west coast. It is also the 2nd largest port in the world that ships wheat.

  • The steel industry is strong shipping over a billion tons of scrap metal. It is represented by companies such as Schnitzer Steel Industries, ESCO Corporation, and Oregon Steel Mills.

  • Technology is represented by more than 1,200 companies in the metro area. Companies such as Ebay, Integra Telecom, Oracle Corporation, and WebMD all have either started up in Portland or have a major subsidiary there.