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Documents and forms you need for shipping freight are available for free when you use FreightCenter to arrange your shipments online or by phone.

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One of the many benefits of arranging your freight with is our free shipping documentation service. When you book a shipment with, we prepare all the necessary freight documents that are required by our carriers. There are two types of freight documents: booking papers and your bill of lading (BOL).

Booking Papers

Your Booking Papers are the documents sent to you by your booking agent for the purpose of setting up a shipment. They are not your actual bill of lading, which is required by the carrier for pickup. If the details of your shipment cannot be processed electronically, you will be faxed or emailed booking papers for your review and completion. This paperwork covers everything from the point of pickup and delivery to who will be responsible for paying for the shipment. You will need to provide the origination address, destination address, shipment description and payment information. Once you completely fill out the shipping contract, simply fax or e-mail the freight documents back to us. It is important that you complete these forms and return them as soon as possible as we are not able to lock in a rate for you until they have been returned, reviewed for accuracy and approved by our processing department. Once this has been completed, your shipment can be manually scheduled.

From time to time, we have shippers who confuse the “booking papers” with their shipping documents or BOL (bill of lading). The booking papers are for information gathering, invoicing and contracting the shipment. These types of freight documents are not to be given to the carrier.

Bill of Lading (Bol)

After your booking papers have been returned, reviewed, processed and approved, your booking agent will create your actual shipping documents. For most shipments, this is only a BOL (bill of lading). This document will then be sent to you by email as an attached PDF file, downloadable via your online account or by fax.

What Documentation Do I Need at the Time the Shipment Is Picked Up?

It is extremely important that you have copy of your BOL at pickup. Print two copies of the BOL document. If you are not at the point of pickup, you must forward (email, fax, mail) two copies to the pickup address. The carrier’s driver signs both copies of the BOL. One copy will be stay attached to the shipment and the other copy is your receipt.

Under no conditions should you alter or change the BOL. Any change made to the BOL without approval from will void your discount and service agreement.

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