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Transport freight using top-rated carriers. Compare multiple rates instantly with just one quote. Choose the best combo of price and service. Up to 95% off.

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What’s the Best Way to Transport Freight?

There are several different ways to transport freight, and FreightCenter offers all of them. That way you can be sure that when you use FreightCenter to book your freight, you always get the best way to transport freight for your shipment.

FreightCenter’s large network of nationwide trucking companies provides you with full-service freight options. You get the best combination of service and price when you book your freight shipments through FreightCenter.

What Is Freight?

Freight is anything too heavy or large to ship by parcel. Parcel shippers are like your local post office or UPS. Usually anything over 150 pounds is considered freight.

Types of Freight

Freight falls into two main categories: LTL and Truckload.


As the name suggests, LTL freight (less than truckload) includes items that don’t take up a full truck. This could include one big item, several big items, or even a lot of smaller items.


Truckload freight takes up a full truck. Large businesses with complex supply chains usually use truckload freight services. Truckload services are also called for when:

  1. A shipment is too large for LTL
  2. The shipment cannot be packaged for safe LTL shipping
  3. A specialty vehicle such as a flatbed is required

Partial Truckload

Partial truckload is a sub-category of Truckload shipping, when a shipment can’t go LTL but doesn’t take up an entire truck.

Special Freight Services

The services required to transport your freight will depend on what you’re shipping.

Examples of Special Services:



Freightcenter Shipping Experts Will Take Care of You

FreightCenter is a little different from other freight brokers because we have a dedicated team of shipping experts to help you in addition to our proprietary technology. So, it’s not a choice between technology or people. With FreightCenter you get both. So, once you run a quote and see what multiple carriers have to offer you in terms of rates and transit times, one of our National Account Managers will help you make sure you choose the best way to transport freight for your shipment.

They will then generate all the paperwork and email it to you, including the all-important Bill of Lading.

Get started by running an instant freight rate quote or calling FreightCenter at 800.716.7608.

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