What's the Best Way to Transport Freight?

There's many different ways to transport freight. To determine the best way, you must first know what type of freight you're shipping.

FreightCenter's large network of nationwide trucking companies provides you with full-service freight options. You get the best combination of service and price when you book your freight shipments through FreightCenter.

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What is Freight?

Freight is anything too big to ship by parcel. Parcel shippers are like your local post office or UPS. Usually anything over 100 pounds is considered freight.

Anyone can ship freight. But, it wasn't always like that. When FreightCenter was started in 1998, residential shippers did not have access to the services provided by freight carriers. That's because you had to have contracts with the carriers. And, in order to get a contract you had to ship a lot.

FreightCenter began building relationships and negotiating contracts with freight carriers so they could offer residential shippers the same freight services businesses could get.

Today, FreightCenter's customers range anywhere from individual shippers to large, enterprise-level businesses. We offer a wide variety of services for all types of freight.

Types of Freight

Freight falls into two main categories: LTL and Truckload.


As the name suggests, LTL freight (less than truckload) includes items that don't take up a full truck. This could include one big item, several big items, or even a lot of smaller items.


Truckload freight takes up a full truck. Large businesses with complex supply chains usually use truckload freight services.

Freight Classification

Freight is standardized and classified according to its commodity type using the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) system. Freight class has a huge impact on the cost to transport freight.

Who Transports Freight?

Companies who transport freight are called freight carriers. Most carriers are trucking companies who transport freight over the road. But, freight can also be transported using trains, cargo ships and airplanes.

FreightCenter partners with a large network of freight carriers. As a FreightCenter customer, you get access to any of the services those carriers offer.

Freight Services

The services required to transport your freight will depend on what you're shipping. There's a lot of services that LTL shipments require that truckload shipments do not. And, vice-versa. Residential shipments also require a different set of services than commercial shipments do.

Examples of freight services:

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