FreightCenter partners with trucking companies that offer a wide variety of trucking services. As a FreightCenter customer, you get access to those services, as well as our high-volume discounts. All you have to do is complete a quote to get started. You'll receive a list of carriers that meet your needs. You get to choose the carrier with the services, price and transit time that works for you.

Fill out the quote form to the right to get started. Or, give us a call at 800.716.7608 to speak to a freight expert.


You can expect to save up to 95% off some freight trucking services when you book with FreightCenter. That's because of two reasons.

The first is our long-standing partnerships with our carriers. We've been building relationships since 1998. That means we get low contracted rates. The best part? You get to take advantage of those contracted rates without signing any contracts!

The second is our large customer base. We organize hundreds of freight shipments a day. This qualifies us for some serious high-volume discounts that we get to pass onto you.


Want to save money on trucking services? All you have to do is get a quote to get started. With just one quote you get to compare rates from multiple freight carriers at once. Those rates include our discounts.

To get an accurate quote, it's important you have all the correct information. Freight quotes are determined by the location of pickup and delivery, weight and size of the shipment, and freight class.

Here's some tips to ensure you have the right information.

  • Know where your shipment is being picked up and dropped off. Not only do you need to know the addresses, but you need to know what type of location it is. Is it a residential or commercial building? Does it have a forklift or loading dock? Is it limited access?
  • Know the total weight and size of your shipment. That includes crates, pallets and other packaging material. Incorrect weight and size is the number one reason for billing adjustments.
  • Know your freight class. Our quote form will automatically generate your freight class depending on the size and weight of your shipment. This can sometimes be wrong though depending on the commodity. Our freight experts will review your freight class before scheduling your shipment. But, it's a good idea to do your research or talk to someone before claiming an incorrect class.