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5 Freight Myths

by Amernesa Kelmendi


Step into the world of shipping, where we’ll uncover common misunderstandings about how things work.

Let’s separate the myths from the facts: 


1. Myth: Freight shipping is just like mailing a package, but bigger

Busted: While both involve sending items from one location to another, freight shipping is a more complex process that involves larger and heavier items, specialized equipment, and different regulations.


2. Myth: Lost or damaged cargo is fully reimbursed

Busted: Your peace of mind matters to us.  While your freight is in transit, it’s covered under the carrier’s liability policy, but that doesn’t mean your cargo is fully insured.

If your cargo isn’t insured, you may receive a fixed amount per pound as compensation for damage or loss, not the full value of the items shipped. To provide extra protection, FreightCenter partners with trusted third-party insurance companies. You can choose optional shipment protection to ensure your valuable items are covered for their full value, clearing any doubts about the safety of your shipment. 


3. Myth: Freight shipping is only for businesses

Busted: While businesses often use freight shipping services for commercial purposes, individuals can also utilize freight shipping for personal items, such as furniture, appliances, or other large items. Freight shipping offers a convenient option for transporting bulky or heavy items.


4. Myth: Larger carriers always offer cheaper shipping rates

Busted: New shippers might think the best deals are only with big carriers, but that’s not always true. Small and regional carriers can offer great deals, too. FreightCenter can compare rates from regional carriers, so you might discover a great deal you didn’t expect! 


5. Myth: Freight shipping is always a hassle

Busted: Freight shipping is not a hassle if you partner with an experienced 3PL like FreightCenter. Our expert team guides and streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on your business. We simplify shipping using tools, including online platforms that provide instant quotes, numerous carriers, and tracking capabilities! 


We hope this helps you out. It’s FreightCenter’s mission to provide accurate information to our customers.


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