Expedited Freight

Expedited Freight

When your shipment needs to arrive at its destination on a fast-approaching date, FreightCenter's Expedited Freight Service from will handle it.

Expedited Freight

Expedited shipping is a service for freight shipments that need to travel at a faster rate than usual. Carriers prioritize expedited shipments over standard shipments, meaning there are fewer stops and delays during shipping. In other words, it’s ideal for shipments to arrive at their destinations by a specific date or time. There are many benefits to expedited shipping, including:

  • Shipping speed

  • Less handling

  • Real-time delivery updates

  • Additional security of your goods

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Standard vs. Expedited Freight Options?

One of the most significant differences between standard and expedited freight shipping is transit times. Freight trucks moving expedited shipments often have fewer stops and are often more of a direct service.

Truckers may make fewer to no stops with expedited shipments from pick up to delivery. Expedited shipping companies may also use a special freight cab that has two drivers to a truck. Having team drivers is called a sleeper team. The drivers take turns driving with a special freight cab while the others sleep. This rotating eliminates the need to stop and rest.

Expedited Freight Trailer Types

Is Shipping your Freight Expedited Better?

Getting your shipment to the buyers can be good if you are a business. However, expedited shipping comes at a reasonably high cost. It may only be sustainable for some e-commerce businesses and not practical for the average consumer or business. Before you decide whether to use expedited service or offer your customers expedited loads, we recommend weighing its pros and cons.

Pros of Expedited Freight Services

  • Speed and guarantee: The most significant benefit of expedited freight loads are; speed and assurance. It’s also the most reliable way to ensure your buyers receive their packages on time. One fantastic by-product of increased speed is the increase in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction equals boosts loyalty and sales.

  • Lower risk of damages: Expedited shipments often have no stops along their delivery route. No stops mean less handling, which means the chances of packages getting damaged in transit are lower. This is an attractive option for businesses selling fragile or high-ticket items.

  • Reduces storage space: Expedited shipping is an excellent way to make space in your warehouse. More space becomes available as quickly as your items get shipped out as soon as possible. Shipping fast is especially advantageous if you sell high-value and bulky items.

Cons of Expedited Freight Services

  • High cost: The most significant disadvantage of expedited shipping is its cost. Expedited shipping is expensive. Higher freight costs often only provide an ROI if you have high-ticket products. It’s usually not worth spending the extra money to ship via expedited freight service as it will quickly eat into your profit margins.

    Some shippers offset the additional expedited shipping cost to their buyers. However, some businesses may have to offer expedited shipping because of the nature of the merchandise they sell. This includes firms selling time-sensitive items such as perishable goods and medical supplies.

  • Not always available: Not all delivery companies offer expedited shipping. Often time if you are located in a rural area. In that case, you may not have access to expedited shipping.

How Does Expedited Shipping Work?

Expedited Freight Shipping is for an urgent shipment that must arrive by a specific date or time in some instances. This faster-than-normal service involves moving time-sensitive or time-critical loads. Expedited freight shipping is worth the additional money to those shippers needing their freight delivered within a particular delivery window.

For the most part, any freight shipment can be expedited if required. Expedited can be used when you need them for timely delivery if you don’t mind. The extra shipping cost provides the advantages of faster transit, less handling, and real-time delivery updates. All these services are additional security for your goods.

When To Use Expedited Shipping Services
  • A medical facility requires emergency tools or emergency medical supplies.

  • There is a deadline that demands inventory to be quickly replenished.

  • Critical equipment or machinery breaks down, and a replacement is needed.

Expedited Freight Shipping Services can be used when you need them for timely delivery. The extra shipping cost provides the advantages of faster transit, less handling, and real-time delivery updates. All these services are additional security for your goods.

Shipping Freight on a Deadline?

Urgent delivery? You can find the fastest carrier to move your shipment through FreightCenter. We understand how a timely delivery or timely shipment can impact your supply chain.

What Is Expedited Freight In E-commerce

Now you have the answer, it’s time to consider whether it’s worth it for your e-commerce business.
Here are some key delivery statistics in e-commerce.

  • Roughly 23% of online consumers will abandon their shopping due to extended delivery times.

  • 51% of online purchases offer free delivery options.

  • 30% do so because of the next-day delivery. Example ( Amazon Prime)

  • Around 50% of shoppers are willing to pay more money to get faster delivery. Most of the time, when. The consumer is willing to pay more, and they want next-day delivery.

These numbers show that while there is an apparent demand for fast shipping from online shoppers, many are lured in by free delivery options. So while expedited shipping should undoubtedly feature in your shipping strategy, there are other options.

You can also cushion the financial impact it has on your business by offering it to orders that hit a minimum spend (ideally more significant than your average order value). Furthermore, with more and more consumers willing to pay extra for faster deliveries, you can also consider passing down at least some of the added cost of expedited shipping to your buyers.

Expedited Shipping: faqs

Does FreightCenter Offer Expedited Shipping?

FreightCenter can help you with your expedited shipping needs, whether you send a parcel or freight shipments. To get a quick quote and book your expedited shipment today, call 800.716.7608 to speak with one of our shipping experts.

How Does Size Affect My Cost When Shipping Expedited?

Any shipment can be expedited when needed, regardless of its size. If your shipment takes up a portion of the trailer, your shipping rate will be based on the weight and size of the shipment. The bigger your loads are, the more it will likely cost to ship.

Is Expedited Shipping Worth the Extra Cost?

You can choose expedited shipping if you need an item delivered within a specific timeframe. While expedited shipping is more costly than regular transit, there are times when it is the best option. Here are some examples of when expedited shipping is the best option:

Emergency medical tools and supplies
Retailer inventory replenishment from a manufacturer
Parts to fix a machinery breakdown
Any time you need a fast delivery

So, how fast is expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping means faster than usual. How long it takes depends on several factors—distance and mode. Remember, it’s relative. For instance, on an international scale, if an ocean freight shipment of a 20-foot container from Shanghai to Los Angeles typically takes 18 days, a 14-day shipping option can be considered expedited. Standard shipping typically takes five to eight business days when shipping domestically within the US. This includes two-day, next-day, and same-day deliveries.

Delivery options that take three days or less would be considered expedited. Make sure to distinguish expedited shipping from express shipping. While both take less time than standard shipping, express shipping usually means a two-day or next-day delivery. As a general rule of thumb, express shipping is generally quicker when both express and expedited shipping options are available.

How Long Do Expedited Shipping Services Take?

Expedited shipping deliveries can be delivered from the same day to as long as three days from departure. The specific timeframes vary based on each shipping carrier’s policies and requirements.

What Is The Main Difference Between Expedited Freight Service And Overnight?

The main difference between expedited and overnight freight shipping is that overnight freight shipping services get delivered the next day. Sometimes this service is referred to as one-day shipping. For a freight shipment to get delivered overnight, the load must be picked up/dropped off by a specific cut-off. A usual cut-off time is around 5 p.m. This will give the dock workers enough time to sort the freight and load them into trucks.

Often it isn’t very easy for a freight shipment to be transported overnight due to DOT safety laws. Expedited shipping sometimes is called two-day delivery. However, overnight is often called one-day delivery. Next-day and same-day delivery are terms used to describe overnight shipping.

What is the Cheapest Overnight Freight Shipping Option?

The cheapest delivery option available is overnight. It ensures that consigners get their shipments the very next day. In some cases it can be faster than overnight but that can be extremely cost prohibitive.

Note that each delivery expedited freight company has its definition of what’s standard and, by extension, what’s expedited.

On the other hand, Expedited shipping means faster shipments than standard transit times. This would apply to instances where the standard transit times would be two business days. Of course, there are times when expedited and overnight freight service can be the same.

Our customers use our online freight calculator to quote and compare expedited freight services to find the cheapest overnight or freight options available.

Expedited shipping: summary

Expedited shipping is a different mode of freight delivery to ensure a shipment will arrive at the heir destination faster than standard shipping. Its faster-than-usual speeds and clear intent characterize it.
While expedited shipping’s speed and guarantee are attractive perks, they come at a high cost. They may only make monetary sense for some e-commerce businesses.

However, there are ways to lower the cost of expedited shipping. By only offering it to orders that hit a minimum spend or passing some or all of the added cost on to your buyers, you can ensure it only eats a little into your profit margin.

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