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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FreightCenter provides affordable services for shipping heavy freight via over-the-road trucking methods. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in business, and my needs are more specialized. Why should I use FreightCenter?

FreightCenter is a 3rd-Party Logistics provider that manages less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping, truckload (TL) freight shipping, international shipping, trade show shipments, and specialty shipping. We integrate our proprietary technology solutions with service delivered by your dedicated account managers to provide an unsurpassed level of service at the lowest available price. Our top shippers are our business customers, who rely on us multiple times each month to handle their shipping needs and reduce their supply chain costs. No matter your shipping problem, we will find a cost-effective solution.

What are estimated transit times?

FreightCenter makes every effort to offer the most cost-effective mode of transportation. Transit times depend on location, destination, service options, mode of transportation, weather, and carrier chosen at the booking time. Transit times are provided by carriers and are estimated, not guaranteed.

Do you know if I can ship to a trade show?

Yes, our carriers are experts in shipping in time for trade shows, exhibitions, and expos. Shipment can be to a warehouse or the front, depending upon the date and number of transit days. Trade show shipments can be picked up from and delivered to the show site outside regular business hours only when the show dates demand alternative scheduling.

What is LTL shipping?

Freight shipping is the easiest way to move large and bulky items quickly and efficiently while keeping shipping costs low. LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) shipping handles freight shipments ranging from 100 lbs to 20,000 lbs. When the thing you need shipped or transported is too large to take to the post office or your local parcel company, freight is considered a more economical approach.

Could you let me know how claims are handled?

If your freight arrives damaged, it is essential to accept the shipment to document the claim correctly. A claim must be filed within 48 hours of delivery and can be done directly online on our site. FreightCenter will act as liaison and assist the customer in processing the claim and filing all necessary paperwork. However, we cannot guarantee the shipping company will accept all claims.

What happens if I receive a bill directly from the carrier?

This usually occurs when FreightCenter’s BOL is not used at the pick-up time, resulting in a double booking in two systems and a change in shipping rates. Our freight brokers will promptly take care of the paperwork and have the charges properly credited for your freight shipment when notified. Contact our customer service department at 1-800-716-7608. They will instruct you on the best way to send us the bill you’ve received from the carrier.

Shipping Costs: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine my shipping cost?

The quote process is simple and fast at FreightCenter and is available 24/7. You only need the shipment’s origin, destination, weight, dimensions, and contact information to determine your shipping cost. Your free, instant freight quote results will list real-time freight rates from the trusted carriers in our network which meet your shipping requirements. Select your preferred quote and click the CHOOSE button to save your selection. That way, your freight agent can access and review the section before you book your shipment. If you want to get your quote by phone, please call us at 800.716.7608.
How to save on shipping costs

What is a freight class, and how does it affect my shipping cost?

Freight class is an essential factor in determining the total cost charged by the carrier for shipping your item(s). According to the National Motor Freight Transportation Association, Inc., 18 freight classes, ranging numerically from 50 to 500, classify a commodity based on an evaluation of 4 characteristics: density, stowability, handling, and liability. If you need to figure out the freight class of the thing you are shipping, use our Freight Class Lookup Tool, which covers many popularly shipped items. Our instant freight quote tool allows you to get quotes from multiple carriers without knowing the exact freight class of your shipment by calculating the freight class for you based on density. Just plug in the numbers, and the tool does all the work. Once you run a freight quote, your agent will verify that the freight class entered is correct. If you want help determining a freight class, please call us at 800.716.7608.

Do quotes expire?

Yes. Quotes are based on freight class, dimensions, and weight, but pricing is also subject to fuel price fluctuation. Due to fluctuating fuel costs, a rate or quote is only valid for 24 hours. To lock in the discounted rate, your shipment details need to be 100% accurate, and the shipment needs to be booked within 24 hours of receiving your quoted rate.

How do I add another item to my quote?

Click the +Add Another Item button on the quick quote form to include an item of a different packaging type, weight, dimensions, or freight class. Example: If shipping one pallet and two boxed or crated items, add the pallet shipment details first and click Add Another Item to enter the details for the other packaged items.

Are there additional fees for residential delivery or pick-up?

Yes. Residential delivery fees apply to shipping freight to a non-commercial location, including apartments, residences, farms, estates, remote areas, and possibly even schools and churches. So that you know, home-based businesses in residential zip codes are billed as residential due to special arrangements that need to be made by the carrier. The cost to ship also can change when delivering to a limited access location (i.e., construction sites, military bases, camps, and storage facilities). Be sure to ask your FreightCenter representative if you are still determining if your location would fall into one of the above categories.

Can I estimate the weight of my shipment?

No. It is critical to the integrity of your quote that you determine the exact weight of the freight items you are shipping. If you book your shipment at an incorrect weight, the freight carrier will discover the error when they weigh the freight (which they can do at any time). If an inaccurate weight is used in booking, a billing adjustment will be made at the carrier’s non-discounted rate and added to your account. Incorrect weight is the cause of more than half of all billing adjustments FreightCenter customers receive. Refrain from guessing. Could you get the weight right?

Are your rates final and inevitable?

Due to the high volume, we ship through our network of carriers; we can secure deeply discounted shipping rates. I just wanted to let you know that your shipping quote is based on the information you gave FreightCenter at the booking time. Any changes or differences in the weight, class, size, or location can directly result in additional shipping costs from the carrier. To ensure that your shipping rates stay in line with what was quoted initially, you can use the FreightCenter BOL provided. This lets the page know to bill at the pre-negotiated freight rates and discounts.

Booking: Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I schedule a pick-up?

Please allow a 4-hour window of time for freight pick-up, and note that most shipping companies make pick-ups in the afternoon and spend their mornings with freight deliveries. Depending on the time of booking in your time zone, we can arrange for same-day pick-up. Always speak directly to a FreightCenter freight agent for special arrangements and urgent bookings.

Would you like me to be present at pick-up?

Someone authorized to sign over the shipment and FreightCenter BOL must be at the pick-up time. If the driver arrives at the pick-up location and either the freight is not ready or there is no one available to sign the BOL, he/she will not usually wait. The pick-up must then be re-dispatched, and some freight companies charge an attempted pick-up fee to cover extra time and miles.

Do you know if my shipment is automatically insured?

It’s essential to understand the difference between freight insurance and carrier liability. The industry-standard liability cargo insurance coverage offered by all LTL carriers booked through FreightCenter is 0.10 cents per pound. That doesn’t cover the value of most shipments, so FreightCenter offers its customers the ability to purchase supplementary freight insurance accessed directly during the freight quote and booking process.

Who will transport my shipment?

We are a freight broker that utilizes the trucks of the largest, most reputable carriers. We ship thousands of loads through our extensive carrier network. If you want a list of the available carriers and shipping costs to move your freight, you can get a quote now. At FreightCenter, we present carrier options. You choose the carrier.

Are transit times guaranteed?

Freight shipping transit times begin the day after your freight has been picked up. Freight transit times are not guaranteed unless expressly noted on the freight quote option you select when booking your shipping rates. All other delivery times are estimates that cannot be guaranteed, though they are usually reliable.

What is a Bill of Lading (BOL)?

A bill of lading is standard, mandatory paperwork providing the carrier and driver with all pertinent information related to the shipping costs and news. This paperwork allows for proper billing to be processed by the shipping company and FreightCenter. All parties involved should have a copy of the BOL (shipper, receiver, and carrier). The FreightCenter BOL must be given to the carrier at pick-up time. Also, could you keep one copy for your records? Not using our paperwork could result in more hassle and extra shipping costs from freight carriers. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FREIGHTCENTER BOL

Packaging: Frequently Asked Questions

How should I package my freight?

A securely, properly packed shipment is excellent protection against potentially dangerous road and warehouse conditions. Please ensure that all shipped items are properly and securely packaged to prevent damage. Improper packaging may decrease or nullify the carrier’s liability for damage claims or loss. All freight should be packaged, crated, or stacked and secured onto pallets with banding, stretch-wrap, or breakaway adhesive. Labels should be placed on every freight piece in multiple places.
FreightCenter offers tips to help you with palletizing, crating, proper skidding and wrapping.
Packaging and Crating Freight Shipments

Does FreightCenter sell or provide packaging material?

No. FreightCenter does not sell or provide packaging material, nor does your driver carry items used to package your freight correctly. Before your driver’s arrival, your package should be secured to a pallet and protected from damage.

Where can I purchase packaging materials?

Packaging materials can be found at any home improvement store or parcel shipping store.

How do I ship unpackaged furniture?

The safest mode of shipment is to use a white glove or blanket wrap service. At an additional cost, this shipping option includes secure packaging by a professional and safe delivery by truck. Ask your FreightCenter agent about white glove or blanket wrap services. MORE ON PACKING FURNITURE

Tracking: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track my shipment?

Enter your PRO number or Shipment ID number to track the location of your shipment after pick-up has been made. If you need help tracking your shipment on our website, contact customer service using the chat feature in the lower-right-hand corner of the page or call 800.716.7608.

What is a PRO Number, and how do I get one?

Carriers use a PRO number to organize and track the progress of each shipment. Your dedicated freight agent should be able to give you the PRO number for your shipment. If you encounter problems tracking your shipment on our website, contact customer service using the chat feature in the lower-right-hand corner of the page or 800.716.7608. read more

What is proof of delivery?

Your driver will bring a Proof of Delivery Receipt (also known as a Delivery Receipt or DR). This is a document signed at the time of delivery by the consignee; notating freight received in good form, the time of delivery, and the receiver’s name. read more

How do I check my shipping status?

The best way to check your shipping status may depend on the carrier you selected. In some cases, your FreightCenter agent will notify you before pick-up or delivery. read more

Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive a billing adjustment?

A billing adjustment represents a portion of unpaid freight shipping costs as reported by the carrier. Most billing adjustments result from the incorrect weight being communicated by the shipper. Wrong freight class and the need to add accessorial charges for residential or limited access locations account for a significant percentage of billing adjustments. read more

How can I avoid receiving a billing adjustment?

When obtaining a freight quote, the type of commodity, weight, dimensions, pick-up, delivery location, and distance influence the shipping cost. The best way to avoid a change in shipping rates is to ensure that all information given to FreightCenter at the time of booking is 100% complete and accurate. When you schedule your freight shipping, please ensure you are as honest and precise as you can be about your freight’s contents, size, and weight. Do you know where I can view my bill?
To view your bill, click the login or MY ACCOUNT button in the top right-hand corner of any screen. You will be prompted to log in with your email address if you aren’t logged in.

What are my payment options?

FreightCenter accepts all major credit cards for freight shipments booked online or over the phone with a Freight Agent. Arrangements for other payment options, such as domestic, international, or business checks, are accepted case by case. read more

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