haunted highway

America’s Haunted Highways

by Nadia Brosious

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, visiting America’s haunted highways and byways are bound to send a shiver down your spine!

America’s Haunted Highways:

Vermont — Moretown

If you’re in the vicinity of “The Devil’s Washbowl,” be on the lookout for Pigman. Legend has it that on the evening before Halloween in 1951, a 17-year-old boy named Sam became possessed by an evil spirit and vanished. Locals claim that Sam returned as a half-man, half-pig who slaughters pigs and wears their hollowed-out heads over his own, thereby earning the moniker Pigman. Motorists claim to have sighted Pigman while driving through The Devil’s Washbowl, so be vigilant — and do not eat ham sandwiches while on your drive!

North Carolina — Jamestown

For decades, motorists in Jamestown, North Carolina, have spoken of a hitchhiker named Lydia, famous for hitching rides by an old underpass and then vanishing into thin air upon arrival to her destination. Recently, a pair of native North Carolina researchers uncovered the true story of a 35-year-old woman who died in a car crash near the underpass. They believe that accident inspired the tales of Lydia. Were you planning to be in the Jamestown area for Halloween? You might want to avoid hitchhikers.

Oregon — Portland

The spookiest spot in Portland isn’t on the road but below it. From 1850 to 1941, a subterranean network of catacombs under the city’s Chinatown allowed merchants to move goods during the day without street traffic or rain. Infamous for human trafficking at night, the catacombs became known as the Shanghai Tunnels. Victims were drugged above ground and lowered into the tunnels. Men awoke onboard ships, where they were pressed into service as sailors for years at a time. Women were forced into prostitution. The Shanghai Tunnels also became famous for being haunted by victims who died in them. Today, Portland Underground Tours offers a two-hour walking tour.

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