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Artificial Intelligence in Trucking

August 26, 2021 by FreightCenter
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There’s never any shortage of talk about artificial intelligence revolutionizing industries. The freight trucking business is no different. While trucking will very likely never be 100% machine-operated, combining the human touch with the latest and greatest cutting-edge technology will take logistics, supply chains and trucking to new heights and make shipping freight easier for shippers and drivers everywhere. We’re discussing artificial intelligence in trucking and how it’s enhancing the shipping industry now.

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Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Of course, the most important part in the trucking industry are the drivers themselves. They’re not going anywhere, especially with autonomous trucking still in its infancy. So, what exactly can the role of artificial intelligence play in trucking? AI poses a great opportunity of improving the work-life balance and overall health of truckers on the road, and it can help in setting the precedent for safe, efficient driving practices in the future.

Electronic logging devices, or ELDs, track the behaviors and times a driver allocates to everything. From sleep hours, to refueling time, to the number of hours spent on the road. ELDs are meant to ensure safety on the road for drivers and their surroundings and make sure drivers aren’t overworking while on the road. AI also makes it possible to gather analytics about driver behavior and common causes of accidents, which in turn leads to better training and education for both current and upcoming drivers.

Automation for Brokers

Artificial intelligence in trucking doesn’t just stop at benefitting truckers, it also extends to other channels in the freight shipping world like third-party logistics companies (3PLs) and freight brokers. 3PLs rely on the latest, most innovative technology to make finding carriers and lanes easier for each shipper’s individual shipment. It streamlines the search for capacity for shippers and for freight carriers. In turn, this makes it easier for truckers to always have a full load in their trucks during transit.

3PLs utilize a transportation management system (TMS) which centralizes everything shipping-related into one place. From carrier and rate comparisons, to managing digital paperwork such as the Bill of Lading (BOL), to offering business insights and analytics for shippers, a powerful TMS is a tool that empowers everyone within the supply chain to ship efficiently.

Additionally, artificial intelligence can also help with supply chain management in an increasingly online world. With more and more consumers shopping online, it can be challenging to manage business operations and shipping strategies. AI can help by providing more solutions to logistics problems that shippers have.

Many 3PLs have a large volume of data from their operations. As the amount of data continues to increase, 3PLs and brokers need to continue making investments in technology that will allow them to evaluate operations, help identify ways to reduce costs, improve assets for shippers, and provide better services. 3PLs and brokers can use AI’s ability to recognize patterns in data and pinpoint specific reasons that a 3PL or broker can use to better help shippers.

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