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food beverage medical shipping logistics

There's no shipment too sensitive for us to ship - from food and beverage to medical supplies and equipment, trust that you're in good hands!

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Food beverage medical shipping logistics can seem like a difficult endeavor and often requires specialized services to transport deliveries, while maintaining the quality of the product. FreightCenter can help secure the most competitive refrigerated freight rates on your next load. Find a dedicated truck for reefer loads and temperature-controlled shipments.


Food Beverage Medical Shipping Logistics Medical supplies can include any and all medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. When you are shipping medical supplies you need to provide specific information. The shipper needs this information to best determine how to classify your load. Some medical supplies are not allowed to be shipped via parcel services or may have special handling requirements. For example, temperature control may be necessary or special handling might be required.

Although there are several types of freight trucks out there, you want to stick to a select few. Any truck that does not have an enclosed trailer will not offer your freight sufficient protection. Food and beverages are sensitive items and need to be treated as such through the usage of additional services to ensure they arrive fresh to their destination.

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