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Freight Broker Advantages of 2018


Freight Broker Advantages of 2018. Freight Brokers have been significant company assistants for years and have become even more critical. Years from now, 2018 may become known as “The Year of the Freight Broker.” Here’s why.

1. Is a Freight Broker Still Commonly Used?

Freight Brokers are still the go-to company for making shipments. Freight brokers assist in booking, tracking, and finding the best rates for all sized freight shipments. There are many advantages to using a freight broker, especially for small-to-medium-sized businesses looking for shipping assistance.

How Does FreightCenter Measure Up?

FreightCenter is a freight brokerage that has been around for 20-plus years and still holds up. FreightCenter kept its connections with shippers going in 2018 amid price increases, a feat that should not be overlooked.

2. Does a Freight Broker have an adequate carrier network?

A freight broker’s main job is to make shipping convenient for you. One of the essential freight broker advantages is a vast network of carriers. Whether your business ships occasionally or 40 times per month, you must ensure that your freight broker’s carrier network covers all the shipping lanes where you ship or expect you may send.

Relying on one carrier to be available to handle your load might be a prescription for frustration. Your freight broker should have multiple options available, and they should be competing for your business.

How does FreightCenter measure up?

FreightCenter maintains a network of 50+ LTL carriers, such as YRC (formerly Yellow Freight), AAA Cooper Transportation, PITT OHIO, R+L, SAIA, and many more. Most of our freight carriers operate nationally, but sometimes a local carrier can offer the best combination of price and service, so our network also includes local carriers.

We also have a network of more than 1,500 carriers specializing in full or partial truckloads. Through this network, we can match your freight with whatever type of truck your load requires.

If your freight broker can’t meet ALL your shipping needs, they don’t measure up.

3. Can a Freight Broker take care of your shipment quickly?

One thing that very large and very small freight brokerages have in common is a tendency to make you wait. You request a quote, and then you wait for the section. You need your cargo picked up today, but they can’t do it. In 2018, waiting didn’t work. When you need to ship, you need it handled ASAP or risk missing a sales opportunity or paying a higher price.

How does FreightCenter measure up?

Combining a Transportation Management System (TMS) that instantly produces competitive freight quotes and a corps of elite shipping experts (National Account Managers) who provide live service directly to customers via phone and email allows FreightCenter to act quickly on behalf of shippers. It’s common for a customer in a central metropolitan area to call in the morning and request pickup that afternoon. As long as the shipment has been properly packaged, weighed, and measured, making that happen is usually not a problem, even with the current capacity shortage.

4. Have 2018 price increases been reasonable?

As noted above, freight shipping prices went up in 2018. Carriers are asking for more, and they are getting it. When a freight broker has to pay their carrier more (and we all do), the shipper must pay the broker more. But these price increases should not be excessive. You shouldn’t have to change what or how frequently you ship due to price increases.

How does FreightCenter measure up?

Shipping freight presents a set of challenges, and turning to freight brokers for help has been a lifesaver for many shippers. While FreightCenter has had to increase rates in 2018, we hold the line on prices as much as possible. That’s why we can still offer our lowest price guarantee. Measure your freight broker’s effectiveness by asking these four questions and ensure they can provide the services you need at a price you can afford. Have something to ship? Compare freight quotes from numerous top carriers instantly, or call us at 8007167608.

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