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Freight Logistics Companies

Freight logistics companies help businesses reduce their supply chain costs. FreightCenter does that by providing highly discounted freight rates.

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What Is a Freight Logistics Company?

Freight logistics companies specialize in getting freight moved via road, rail, air, or sea. Services that a freight logistics company commonly provides include:

  • Matching shipper’s loads with available trucks, trains, air transport and ocean going vessels
  • Serving as the middleman between shippers and carriers
  • Providing shippers with heavily discounted freight rates
  • Generating necessary paperwork for shipper, such as the Bill of Lading (BOL)

The U.S. transportation and logistics industry is estimated to spend over $1.48 trillion dollars annually, and eight percent of the nation’s economy is attributed to the transportation sector. Freight logistics companies play a large role in generating that eight percent.

The Five Sub-sectors

Air and express delivery services—also known as EDS—these firms expedite time sensitive documents and high value items including small packages.

Maritime specializes in movement of freight cargo by water methods, this includes working with carriers, seaports, and all labor involved.

Trucking involves motor vehicles that transport cargo medium and short distances over the road. Domestic transportation serviced by trucking companies accounts for almost seventy percent of all freight tonnage.

Logistic services include transportation management, materials handling, and all support services. Third party logistic management companies, or 3PLs, operate primarily in this sector.

Freight rail involves large volume cargo transported over long distances use the rail network. Rail is a cost efficient method of transporting industrial, manufacturing, and agricultural products.

Where Does Freightcenter Stand?

FreightCenter is a 3PL that specializes in saving shippers time and money. We have more than 20 years of experience and relationships built with today’s leading freight services, including the three most popular modes of ground transportation.

  1. Less than Truckload (LTL)
  2. Full Truckload (TL)
  3. Partial Truckload

When you use our online quote tool you will receive instant real-time pricing results from many carriers. You will be able to compare for yourself which carrier offers the best price. If you have greater concerns than just pricing, give us a call at 800.716.7608 to speak directly with one of our sales agents. These agents will advise the best carrier recommendation based on your product requirements and/or delivery time.

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