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Bill of Lading Paperwork

The Bill of Lading (BOL) is a key piece of paperwork in every freight shipment. Shipments booked with FreightCenter come with the BOL we email you.

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Every Freight Shipment Comes With a Bill of Lading (BOL)

A Bill of Lading (BOL) is standard paperwork that provides the shipper, carrier, and driver with all the pertinent information related to shipping costs and transport information. The bill of lading allows for proper billing to be processed by the carrier and FreightCenter. All parties should have a copy of the BOL.

Why the FreightCenter Bill of Lading Paperwork Is Important

If the driver is not presented with the FreightCenter-generated paperwork including the bill of lading at pickup, the carrier will not know to charge FreightCenter the heavily discounted shipping rates that the shipper was quoted, and will instead charge the shipper a non-discounted rate. Here are the details of how it works, and why the FreightCenter Bill of Lading is so important:

  • FreightCenter arranges discounted shipping rates with our carriers
  • The FreightCenter Bill of Lading confirms your discounted rate with the carrier
  • The FreightCenter BOL MUST be given to the carrier at the time of pickup
  • If our BOL and/or additional account paperwork is modified or not used, the freight company will not know to bill FreightCenter these pre-negotiated rates
  • To keep shipping costs low, make sure the shipper uses ONLY FreightCenter’s BOL when authorizing the freight to the driver at pickup
  • The FreightCenter BOL can be printed directly from your account (see instructions below)
  • If the BOL is not presented to the driver at pickup and there is a need to change the billing terms, a $45.00 charge for FreightCenter to change the billing terms will be incurred.
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How to Print the FreightCenter Bill of Lading

Your shipment paperwork and billing documents can all be found when you log in to your account. The BOL is attached to completed orders under the “Bookings” tab or link.

All parties involved should have a copy of the BOL paperwork. It is very important that the FreightCenter BOL be given to the carrier at the time of pickup. The FreightCenter BOL confirms your discounted rate with the carrier.

Check for an email from your agent that includes a link to FreightCenter’s BOL and any additional required paperwork.

What if You Receive a Bill Directly From the Carrier?

This usually occurs when FreightCenter’s BOL is not used at the time of pickup, which results in a double booking in two systems and a change in shipping rates. Our freight brokers will promptly take care of the paperwork and have the charges properly credited for your freight shipment when notified. Open a support ticket or contact our customer service department at 844-212-7447 and fax a copy of the bill that you received.

How to Take Advantage of FreightCenter Discounts

The first step to taking advantage of FreightCenter discounts is to use our online instant quote system and compare the freight shipping rates quoted from multiple shippers. Follow the simple steps for setting up an account and booking your shipment.

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