How To Get An LTL Freight Quote

How To Get An LTL Freight Quote

by Ann-Ghilianne Laguerre

Getting an LTL freight quote is easy when you use FreightCenter’s instant freight quote tool, but before you plug all your information in, let us walk you through the process. Several factors play into figuring LTL freight quotes, and understanding them will pull a more accurate quote.


The Beginner’s Guide to Less-Than-Truckload


Less-than-truckload, or LTL, is a cost-effective method of transporting freight. Truck capacity sharing consolidates multiple shippers’ cargo onto the same trailer. Shippers only have to pay for the space their cargo occupies. These shipments can be anywhere between 150 lbs to 10,000 lbs.

Get an LTL Freight Quote


Getting An LTL Freight Quote


Finding your LTL freight quote through FreightCenter’s instant quote form makes the whole endeavor a cinch. After choosing LTL as your shipping mode in step one, continue to step two and start location. Here’s a breakdown of each section of the quote form.


Start location

This is the consignor’s—or the shipper’s—location. More than a zip code, you’ll need to know information about the shipping terminal.

– Does the location require a liftgate?

– Have you checked to see if the start location is considered limited access—like a military facility or a school?

– Is the location built for business, or is the delivery site residential?

Ask your freight agent for clarification and thorough vetting before you book a shipment to avoid surprise charges.

End location

This is the consignee’s—or recipient’s—location. Similar questions to the starting location apply to the end location. Begin your quote with the necessary detailed information (location-based and accessorials) to avoid any potential billing adjustments.


Items to ship

The specs on the shipment should be exact.

Packaging—When you measure the dimensions of your freight, ensure to include the measurements of your packaging to avoid oversize fees.

– Weight—If you’re unsure of the weight, try visiting a junkyard or contact a freight terminal and ask if you can use their scale to weigh your freight. The carrier will reweigh your shipment; make it precise. Don’t round the declared weight up or down. Listing incorrect weight is the number one reason for billing adjustments. Relearn how you think about weight in our blog Keys to Shipping Happiness Part 2: Vital Freight Measurements.

Freight Class—The National Motor Freight Class, or NMFC, will affect your quote price, especially if inaccurate. Your NMFC is based on stowability, ease of handling, liability, and density. Figuring out freight class can be tricky, especially for first time shippers, so don’t hesitate to refer to your freight agent’s expertise. That’s what we’re here for! Take a look at our freight class lookup tool to get started.

FreightCenter’s instant freight quote tool will generate a list of carriers tooled to your specifications in our network.

Getting Your Freight Quote With FreightCenter


Partnering with a third-party logistics company like FreightCenter will pair you with a carrier in our vast network and find competitive prices within the list generated by our freight quote tool. You’ll have access to our partnership of carriers while also having a dedicated and expert freight agent assigned to your shipment.

Get started on a quote or call us at 800-716-7608—we’re ready to help!

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