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How to Navigate the Holiday Shipping Season

by Ann-Ghilianne Laguerre

Holiday Shipping by the Numbers

Knowing how to navigate the holiday shipping season can save small-to-medium-sized businesses hundreds each year. According to Adobe Analytics, the 2018 holiday e-commerce season topped $126 billion in online sales. The majority of this revenue came from the Cyber 5 (Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday), further reminding us that online shopping is quickly becoming a preferred way to shop. And if this year’s holiday e-commerce season is anywhere near as good as the previous year, shippers everywhere will be busy meeting the needs of their customers.

Avoid Crunch Time & Delayed Deliveries

The booming world of e-commerce is not just limited to B2C business models. B2B e-commerce companies can also expect a push from the peak shipping season. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the business of shipping packages directly to customers and/or freight to warehouses. It’s important to prepare to ship early and avoid getting caught up in high-volume delivery traffic. You’ll certainly need a helping hand to streamline your supply chain and cope with the rapid change in consumer demand during the holidays.

Outsourcing your shipping needs to a third party helps you focus on other areas of your business while getting your goods shipped where they need to be in no time.

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Navigate the Holiday Shipping Season with FreightCenter

FreightCenter gives shippers everywhere the power to manage and streamline their supply chains. Consolidate your holiday shipping activity all in one place with the help of our world-class parcel services. Don’t waste countless hours searching for your shipment’s carrier. Our powerful transportation management system will find you the right carrier within minutes at discounted rates.

We work on behalf of small businesses, finding custom shipping solutions that won’t bust budgets. Small businesses all over use our Amazon, Etsy, and eBay shipping calculator.

Let FreightCenter be your holiday shipping helper and a part of your shipping strategy. Get your logistics in check for the holidays! Run your free quote now or call us at 800-716-7608.


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