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LTL Shipping

Simplify LTL shipping with FreightCenter and you can save up to 95% off your next shipment.

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LTL shipping is complicated; especially for someone with no logistics experience. There are many variables to consider for each shipment. The lanes, weight and dimensions, packaging and freight classification all affect a shipment. They influence the services needed and cost to ship.

Since 1998, FreightCenter has provided shippers with logistics driven by superior service, innovation and technology. It’s no secret that since then we’ve become leaders in LTL shipping. In fact, 94 percent of FreightCenter’s business is in LTL shipments.

As of 2015, we’ve handled almost 400,000 LTL freight shipments. Our freight experts continue to book hundreds more each day.

We train our freight experts to simplify this process for you. So, you can get help making the right logistics decisions for your business.

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Why Choose Freightcenter for Your LTL Shipping?

When you become a FreightCenter customer an account manager reviews your business. They work to understand your transportation needs in full.

Our National Account Managers work hand-in-hand with our Customer Care team. Together, they ensure you receive fast, personalized and dedicated service.

FreightCenter is a non-asset based third party logistics (3PL) provider. That means we don’t have our own trucks or warehouses. Instead, we work with freight carriers to offer you complete LTL shipping services. FreightCenter negotiates highly competitive rates with the best trucking companies in the nation. That means you get access to discounts you can’t find anywhere else.

Request a LTL shipping quote using our proprietary technology. With just one quote you’ll instantly receive a large list of LTL carriers. You get to choose the carrier that provides the price and transit time that meets your needs.

LTL Shipping Services

Guaranteed Freight Services

Depending on the carrier, this can include both date and time specific needs for pick up or delivery. The carrier guarantees it will arrive within a predetermine window of time. For example, before noon on a Thursday or after 5:00 p.m. on a Tuesday.


Expedited Shipping

FreightCenter offers expedited freight services for time-sensitive freight. Service levels include 3-day, 2-day, overnight and next-day freight services.

Lift Gate Services

You’ll need lift gate services at pick up and/or delivery when there is not a forklift available on site. Many of our carriers offer lift gate services upon request.

Notification Services

When you need notification before a pick up or delivery, you can request a notification call. You can set the call to be a certain length of time before the truck arrives.

White Glove Services

White glove freight services are available for residential shipments of furniture or other household goods that require more than curbside freight delivery. This service is best for items that need a complete and total solution. For example, you may need your desk packaged and handled for you.

First and Final Mile

First mile refers to services that require the driver to do more than just pick up the freight. This includes inside pickup, packaging and dismantling, stair carries and more. Final mile refers to a similar set of service but for drop off. These can include inside delivery, removal of packaging materials, assembly or setup and more.

Haz Mat Services

FreightCenter has specialized carriers that can handle the freighting of hazardous materials. The materials include, but are not limited to fuels, bio-chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Limited Access

Limited access includes any destination or location that restricts trucks from entering. FreightCenter works with carriers equipped to access such locations. Examples of limited access locations: construction sites, military bases, school, churches and government facilities.

Common Questions

What is LTL Shipping

LTL shipping, or less-than-truckload shipping, is freight transportation not requiring an entire truckload space. Rather than hiring a full truckload for smaller shipments, LTL shipping allows shippers to (in essence) split the cost of a truckload among several shippers.

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How Does LTL Shipping Work?

Shipping LTL (Less Than Truckload) is how small to mid-sized businesses ship partial truckload shipments without paying for a full 53-foot trailer. Shipping full truckload trailers can be expensive and add up even quicker if you send them often. Hiring a full truckload for shipments that do not use the trailer's total space relatively wastes your company's money.

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