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Dedicated Service

Dedicated Service

Dedicated Freight Shipping is tailored for shippers seeking exclusive truck use and minimized transit times. This premium service guarantees your cargo receives dedicated attention, ensuring swift and secure delivery to its destination.

Dedicated Service Shipping Timeframes

Since your cargo is the only cargo on a dedicated shipment. You can communicate your needed pick-up and delivery time to FreightCenter. Our agents will match your shipment with the right dedicated service.

The two most common delivery timeframes to choose from when booking your dedicated shipments are:

  • Same-day pick up and delivery.
  • Expedited delivery within 12 hours of pickup.

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Dedicated Service Key Features:

  • Exclusive Use Guaranteed:
    • The hallmark feature of dedicated freight shipping is the assurance of exclusive truck use for your shipment.
    • Shippers benefit from complete control over transit times and minimized handling, ensuring the security and integrity of their cargo.


  • Tailored Solutions for Shipments:
    • Dedicated freight shipping is optimal for time-sensitive cargo or projects with stringent delivery deadlines.
    • Customers gain peace of mind knowing their shipments receive top priority and adhere to precise timelines.


  • Premium Service Level:
    • Recognized as the pinnacle of freight transportation, dedicated shipping justifies its cost through unparalleled reliability.
    • Shippers enjoy superior service, with dedicated attention to their freight’s timely and secure delivery.


  • Strategic Planning:
    • Dedicated freight shipping demands meticulous planning to synchronize every aspect of the transportation process.
    • Our collaboration with carriers ensures seamless pickup, transit, and delivery within the specified timeframe.



  • Cost vs. Certainty:
    • While offering unmatched customization and control, dedicated freight shipping typically comes at a premium cost compared to standard options.
    • Shippers should weigh the benefits of tailored solutions against their budgetary constraints.


  • Lead Time for Booking:
    • Advance booking is essential to secure exclusive truck use and accommodate dedicated freight shipping schedules.
    • Shippers are advised to plan ahead and schedule shipments in advance to align with their desired delivery dates.


Common Pitfalls:

  • Assuming Instant Availability:
    • Some shippers mistakenly believe that dedicated services are readily available for last-minute bookings.
    • Proactive planning and early reservations are crucial to secure dedicated freight shipping services.


  • Failure to Communicate Constraints:
    • Effective communication of shipment constraints and special requirements is imperative when opting for dedicated freight shipping.
    • Clear and transparent dialogue with carriers ensures realistic commitments and successful deliveries.
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Priority Shipping Levels:

  • Standard Freight Shipping:
    • Overview: Standard freight shipping is the baseline option, balancing cost and transit time.
    • Additional Details: Delivery times can vary based on distance and carrier schedules. While cost-effective, customers should plan for a flexible delivery window.


  • Guaranteed Freight Shipping:
    • Overview: Guaranteed freight shipping commits to delivering by a specified date, with a refund for shipping costs if the deadline is not met.
    • Additional Details: Guarantees typically exclude external factors like weather, customs delays, or incomplete shipping information. Refunds are subject to meeting specific criteria.


  • Expedited Freight Shipping:
    • Overview: Expedited freight shipping prioritizes faster transit times for time-sensitive shipments.
    • Additional Details: While quicker than standard, customers should know that “expedited” doesn’t universally mean next-day delivery. Factors like processing time and cutoff hours play a role.


  • Dedicated Freight Shipping:
    • Overview: Dedicated freight shipping provides exclusive truck use for a single shipment, reducing handling and transit times.
    • Additional Details: While ideal for critical shipments, it comes at a premium cost. Customers benefit from the dedicated attention to their cargo but should weigh the added expense.


Common Pitfalls:

  • Assuming Dedicated Means Immediate Availability:  Some customers mistakenly believe dedicated freight shipping guarantees instant availability for last-minute bookings. It’s essential to understand that while dedicated services offer exclusive truck use, booking is still necessary to secure transportation capacity and accommodate scheduling requirements.
  • Underestimating Lead Time for Reservation: Customers may need to pay more attention to the lead time required for reserving dedicated freight shipping services. Advance booking is crucial to ensure truck availability and effectively coordinate pickup and delivery schedules. Proactive planning and early reservations help avoid last-minute scheduling challenges.
  • Neglecting Specialized Handling Requirements:  Dedicated freight shipments may involve specialized handling requirements, such as oversized loads, hazardous materials, or temperature-sensitive cargo. Shippers need to communicate any specific handling instructions or constraints to carriers upfront to ensure proper preparation and compliance with regulatory standards.


Customers can make informed decisions based on their shipment’s urgency, budget, and specific requirements by understanding these priority levels and potential pitfalls.

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Dedicated Service Guaranteed competitive pricing every time you ship.
Finely-tailored freight solutions

To create value for our customers by delivering customized shipping solutions that meet their unique needs and to fulfill shipping demands from simple to complex with expertise, guidance and ingenuity.

Dedicated Service

Why Choose FreightCenter?

FreightCenter is a trusted partner for dedicated delivery needs, offering unparalleled reliability and peace of mind. With over 25 years of industry experience, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We understand the critical importance of meeting delivery deadlines, so we offer a comprehensive suite of dedicated shipping options tailored to your specific requirements.

Our dedicated team of logistics experts works tirelessly to ensure that your freight arrives on time, every time. Backed by a network of reputable carriers and cutting-edge technology, we provide transparent tracking and real-time text messaging, keeping you informed at every step. At FreightCenter, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service, competitive pricing, and unmatched reliability. Choose FreightCenter for your dedicated deliveries and experience the difference of working with a true industry leader.

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I would recommend to anyone.

Working With Jennifer Rendine has been super easy. I know that every detail will be taken care of with each and every shipment. I would recommend to anyone. 5 Stars!

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It was very easy to do and priced right

It was very easy to do and priced right . The people I talked to were very friendly and helpful !

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It was a great experience.

It was a great experience. Everything went very smoothly. My customer service rep was exceptional!

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Thank you Freight Center for the good job.

I have used Freight Center for 3 different pickups and so far everything has worked beautifully. I would highly recommend their services and the pricing is very competitive. Thank you Freight Center for the good job.

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Great service and lowest price.

So happy using FreightCenter. Great service and the lowest price. My go to shipper from now on!

Tom R.
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Easy to work with

Easy to work with. Scheduled on line and then a CS rep called us to make sure all the details were in order to ship our product correctly to the customer.

Melissa G.
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Dedicated Freight Shipping FAQs

Q. What exactly is dedicated freight shipping?

A. Dedicated freight shipping involves reserving an entire truck exclusively for your shipment. This service ensures that your cargo receives priority treatment and is transported directly to its destination without stops or delays along the way.

Q. How does dedicated freight shipping differ from other shipping options?

A. Unlike standard freight shipping methods, where multiple shipments share space in a truck, dedicated freight shipping exclusively uses the entire truck for your shipment. This guarantees faster transit times, reduced handling, and increased security for your cargo.

Q. What are the advantages of choosing dedicated freight shipping?

A. Dedicated freight shipping offers several benefits, including expedited transit times, minimized risk of damage or loss, and enhanced control over the transportation process. It is ideal for time-critical shipments, oversized loads, or high-value goods that require special handling and attention.

Q. How do I book dedicated freight shipping services?

A. Booking dedicated freight shipping services is simple and convenient. You can easily arrange your shipment through FreightCenter, where you’ll receive personalized assistance and expert guidance throughout the process. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to ensure your freight is transported safely and efficiently.

Q. Who can benefit from dedicated freight shipping?

A. Dedicated freight shipping suits various industries and businesses, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and e-commerce companies. It is especially beneficial for customers with unique shipping requirements or those seeking a premium level of service and reliability.

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Dedicated Freight Service

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