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Domestic Freight

Domestic Freight

Discover cost-effective and reliable domestic shipping solutions with FreightCenter. Whether by ground or air, our common carrier network ensures timely delivery across the United States. Learn about factors influencing domestic freight costs and optimize your shipping strategy today!

FreightCenter’s vast network of common carriers specializes in domestic shipping. Whether you quote online or work with your dedicated FreightCenter agent, we will find the most cost-effective and reliable method for transporting your shipment. Domestic freight includes transportation by ground or air throughout the United States. Ground shipping includes freight transportation by truck or airplane. Although domestic ground shipping is slower, it is the most economical transport. Ground freight also includes rail, which is both a fast and green mode of transporting goods domestically. On the other hand, air freight is quickest and, depending on the package’s density, and size, could cost less than ground shipping.


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Domestic Freight

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Domestic Freight Cost

Many factors play into the total cost of domestic freight shipping. Below are some examples:

Delivery Time: The faster you want it, the more it could cost to ship.

Freight Class: The higher the class, the more it could cost to ship.

Value of the Shipment: Adding insurance could increase costs.

Location of Pickup and Delivery: Distance increases the time in transit and leads to increased fuel costs.

Weight and Dimension: Oversized shipments may require a dedicated truckload. Overweight items can only be moved by vehicles that can handle the weight requirements, which may result in a higher shipping cost.

Location type: Businesses or buildings with a loading dock keep costs down because a lift gate is not required. Most residential freight shipments require a truck with a lift gate. Security: Shipments to Mexico or too heavily guarded areas also increase the cost of shipping.

Packaging: Your shipment may require additional inside pickup or white glove services if you can’t pack your goods in a crate or securely strap them to a pallet (so a forklift can move it around). Both add-ons could significantly increase your cost to ship.

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