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Partial Truckload Shipping Services

Offering best rates on Partial Truckload Shipping. Use our freight rate calculator to find carriers to transport partial loads fast and save you money.

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Partial truckload shipping is a blend of LTL and FTL shipping. Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is great for shipping a pallet or two. This method will use many different trucks and distribution hubs to handle the shipment. It is not uncommon for LTL services to handle a shipment three or more times. Handling loads will happen a lot throughout the process. A LTL shipment can save you a lot of money. Shipping LTL will generally have longer delivery times. This is depending on carrier availability and truck space.

Full truckload (FTL) shipping uses an entire trailer space for transporting. This method offers direct routes and will handle the load only once. FTL usually has faster transit times and reduces risks of handling damages. This method of shipping often costs more than other alternatives.

Faster Delivery for a Lower Price

Partial Truckload (PTL) shipping handles shipments between 6 and 18 pallets. Weight limits on PTL shipments are between eight thousand to twenty seventy thousand range. This type of shipping will compete with LTL rates while giving the delivery times of FTL services.

The benefits of PTL shipping offers less stops, less handling and cargo insurance options.

  • Partial truckload services do not need freight class classifications.
  • PTL offers potentially lower pricing than LTL shipping when your product doesn’t carry much weight, but takes up a lot of space.

Partial truckloads do have some limitations as well.

  • Freight shipping moves most shipments through trade routes. If you are within these routes your service times will be fast for pickup and delivery. Services outside these lanes may add extra days to schedule pickup of your PTL shipment.
  • Heavy products on few pallets don’t often qualify for partial truck load services.
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