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Ebay Freight Shipping

There's more to eBay freight shipping than you know. Take advantage of more freight shipping options and big freight savings. Get instant quotes, free.

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How to Get the Best Freight Rates When Shipping Ebay

If your business sells on eBay, you might be under the impression that only two freight carriers when freight shipping from eBay sales. Nothing could be further from the truth. While eBay lists only two eBay freight shipping partners, you have the option of choosing any carrier you want.

FreightCenter partners with hundreds of leading LTL freight and truckload freight shipping partners around the U.S., including regional carriers. These carriers compete head-to-head for your business on FreightCenter’s free online freight quote tool that enables eBay shippers to compare and calculate freight shipping costs, and approximate in-transit times.

Lower Ebay Freight Shipping Costs – Close More Deals

When you post an item on eBay that will require freight shipping, use (or link to) our freight rate calculator so you can share with serious bidders an estimate of how much they will need to pay for eBay freight shipping. An accurate quote will require the originating and delivery zip codes, the dimensions and weight of the freight as well as the freight class.

eBay freight shipping options may look different now, but FreightCenter is still here to help you close deals and save your customers money on shipping freight.

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