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Spec Sheet Guide

Spec sheets provide all the essential details about a product that is being shipped. They include information like dimensions, weight, and packaging requirements.

Adding this document to your shipments helps ensure that goods are handled properly, allows for efficient use of space, minimizes risks and delays, and improves overall communication among all parties involved in the shipment process.

Why Use Spec Sheets?


Product spec sheets provide detailed information so that freight carriers can transport your goods safely and efficiently. They help avoid unexpected charges and complications during the shipping process.

In simple terms, spec sheets are like a roadmap that guides smooth and successful freight shipments.

Benefits of Spec Sheets

  • Dispute Resolution: In case of a billing adjustment, businesses can refer to the specification sheet as evidence to support their case and negotiate fair resolutions, ultimately protecting businesses from unjustified fees.


  • Cost Control: Accurate freight dimensions, weight, and special handling requirements. This ensures businesses can avoid unnecessary expenses and only pay for the services they genuinely need.


  • Customer Satisfaction: Providing accurate and comprehensive specs can build a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner to carriers, fostering strong relationships and enhancing the overall customer experience.
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Spec Sheet Example

3 Easy-to-Follow Instructions to Create a Spec Sheet

Mastering the art of building a comprehensive specification sheet will empower you to communicate your shipping requirements effectively and foster a successful partnership with carriers.

1. Item Description: Describe each item being shipped. Include details such as the product name, model number, and unique identifiers. This helps carriers identify and handle your things correctly.

2. Dimensions and Weight: Measure the dimensions of each item accurately. Note the length, width, and height in inches or centimeters. Provide the maximum sizes and shipping measurements (dimensions once packaged).

Record the weight of each item individually using a reliable scale. If your shipment includes multiple items, indicate the total weight of the entire load.

3. Packaging Requirements: Specify the packaging requirements for each item. Indicate if any unique packaging materials, such as foam padding or custom crates, are necessary. Provide instructions on how the items should be packed and secured.

Note: Clearly state the instructions if any items require special handling due to fragility or sensitivity. Include specific labels or markings that carriers should use to identify these items.

Case Example; Spec Sheet Saves the Day!

A customer of FreightCenter ran a furniture-making business from their home workshop, selling on eBay and Etsy. They shipped a dog kennel crate that doubled as an end table to a customer in California, and the shipment was picked up and delivered successfully. However, a few weeks later, the customer was charged an additional fee for increased weight and dimensions.

Upon inspection, the carrier input that the weight was double what was listed on the bill, and the dimensions were significantly larger than stated. This created an extra charge of over $700, which had severe financial implications for our customer’s small business. As a small business, they feared one more hit like this could cause them to close their shop.


FreightCenter advised the customer to create a specification sheet detailing the item’s dimensions and weight before and after packaging to prevent future issues. This allowed our disputes department to use the sheet and sales invoice to dispute the billing adjustment with the carrier. As a result, the customer was refunded over $700 instead of being stuck with the extra bill.

It’s essential to be prepared for billing adjustments in the freight industry. Shippers can save time and dispute charges with carriers more efficiently by creating a specification sheet.


Take Control of Your Freight Shipping Process with FreightCenter

Partnering with FreightCenter empowers you to take control of your freight shipping process. By implementing the easy-to-follow instructions provided below, you can create a practical specification sheet that accurately communicates your shipping requirements to carriers.

Need help navigating the complexities of freight shipping. With FreightCenter, you have a trusted partner providing the resources and knowledge needed to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

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