The Best Way To Ship Christmas Trees This Holiday Season

by Ann-Ghilianne Laguerre

Summer is coming to an end, and even while the Christmas season is a few months away, Christmas trees are grown and getting ready to ship to your local stores. Shipping real trees is a difficult task, with many carriers saying no altogether. While holding a tight capacity, it’s important to have a company like FreightCenter on your side to find you the right equipment for the job at an affordable rate. As America’s favorite fir is beginning to dispatch, shippers and fir farms come to us for the best way to ship Christmas trees this holiday season.

The Best Way To Ship Christmas Trees This Holiday Season

When it comes to shipping Christmas trees, here are a few of the best methods to follow:

Avoid using flatbed trailer! Without proper enclosed protection from the outer elements during transit, the trees are vulnerable to wind, debris, and inclement weather.

It is best to transport trees by a dry van or a reefer trailer. Since the trees grow in cold weather, they are prone to overheating and drying. This can happen in an enclosed space without any circulation. This is why for most firs, using a refrigerated trailer is the best decision for the trees.

Shipments with three or more pickups and/or deliveries scheduled should be avoided. Getting the trees in water as soon as delivery is complete is a critical part of the life cycle of the tree. The more pickups and deliveries, the longer the trees go without water.

Choose a truckload service with your freight agent and they will find the correct truck to pick up and quickly transport your trees.

Harvesting Christmas Trees To Ship

Christmas tree harvesting includes being handled by equipment on the farm or at retail lots. Gradingbaling, and cutting are the 3 stages of harvesting these trees. Balers use machines to bundle mid-sized Christmas trees together in netting to begin their haul from the farm. Netting is used because it keeps the tree together as well as lets air circulates to the tree during transit. On the other end of the transaction, another will remove them from their netting at the retailer’s lot for sale.

Best way to ship Christmas trees

Top 5 Most Shipped Christmas Tree Varieties

While there is a large variety of Christmas trees on the market, only a few have earned high rankings on the list of the most popular Christmas tree types. Factors such as needle retention and scent are among the most important when it comes to selecting the perfect tree.

Balsam fir | The traditional Christmas tree. Lasts a long time, is very aromatic, and is great for tight spaces.

Douglas fir | A top seller in the U.S. Great for big rooms, as it is a full and elegant tree. Needles radiate in all directions from the branch and emit a sweet fragrance. A 19-foot Douglas fir grown in Pennsylvania was presented to First Lady Michelle Obama in 2016.

Noble fir | Popular tree of the West. Stiff, upward-bending branches make it a good tree for heavy ornaments. Beautifully scented.

Scotch pine | The top-selling tree in the U.S. Branches curve upward, perfect for ornament holding. Stays fresh for a long time. No needles drop, even when the tree dries out.

Fraser fir | The needles are dark green on top and silver underneath. Branches turn upward slightly. Perfect shipper with good needle retention. Pleasant aroma.

Careful Where You Ship

Christmas trees are, by nature, oversized objects. Christmas trees can grow to nearly 10 feet tall and a few feet wide. Because of their size, Christmas trees are too big to send through USPS or a regular package carrier. USPS specializes in handling smaller packages and won’t accept any parcels that go over maximum size limits.

FreightCenter Ships Christmas Trees!

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A Christmas tree farm in Oregon's Willamette Valley.

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