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What Is Standard Pallet Size and Weight?

Find answers to common freight questions.

How Much Does a Pallet Weigh?


The standard pallet size is 48×40, and generally, pallet sizes are inches. A standard pallet weight can vary between 35 to 40 Ibs, depending on the wood used. When referring to pallet dimensions, always refer to the length first and then the width.

Freight shipping often involves using pallets. They help to protect your shipment, improve efficiency and maximize trailer space. While pallets can be custom-made, there is a standard size and weight. Knowing this information can help you ship your items and get a quote. Discover more facts below.


Standard Dimensions of a Pallet



standard pallet size 48 by 40


There are three standard pallet sizes:

 48” x 40”

– 42” x 42”

– 48” x 48”

Using standard, universal pallet sizes makes for smoother loading and unloading procedures. Stacking palletized shipments on top of other palletized loads of the same size helps carriers optimize trailer space. Consolidating multiple shipments onto one pallet also streamlines your shipping strategy. It allows you to move more freight faster, so it’s worth asking yourself what size pallet works best for your shipping needs.

The Consumer Brand Association (CBA) (Formerly known as Grocery Manufacturers Association or GMA) influences the consumer-packaged goods industry globally. The GMA recommends a pallet with dimensions of 48″ x 40″. Pallets of this size are sometimes referred to as GMA pallets. About 30 percent of pallets produced in the United States each year are GMA pallets.


Standard Pallet Weight


Pallet weight varies depending on the size and materials used. Generally, a pallet will typically weigh anywhere from 30 to 35 Ibs. This means that the pallet’s weight increases your shipment’s total weight and, ultimately, your shipping cost. Shippers often don’t include the dimensions and weight of a pallet when filling out an LTL shipping quote. Not including the weight of the pallet in the total freight weight will cost you in the end.


Average Weight Based on Pallet Materials


standard weights of different types of pallets


The weight of a pallet will depend on the material the pallet is made up of. Some common pallets and their weights include wooden pallets weighing 30-35 Ibs. GMA wooden pallets weigh between 30-50Ibs. Lightweight plastic pallets will save on overall weight, typically 15-20 Pounds. Heavy-duty plastic pallets will weigh closer to 35Ibs. LTL shipping carriers confirm the weight and dimensions of every shipment that comes through and will issue billing adjustments on invoices whenever there are discrepancies. The bottom line, include the pallet’s weight and dimensions when getting a shipping quote to avoid these billing adjustments.



Types of Pallets


Pallets make it easy to move freight using a forklift and pallet jack. They help reduce forklift damage and damage to shipments during loading and unloading. Pallets are made of various materials, such as wood, plastic, or metal. Wood is the most common material used due to its durability, availability, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, they have different entry locations for forklifts. Pallet names stem from the way that they are constructed.


Five Most Common Pallet Types:


  1. Two-way pallets: Have forklift openings on two ends. They are also referred to as “unnotched.”
  2. Partial four-way pallets: Have standard forklift openings on two ends and smaller openings on the other two ends.
  3. Four-way pallets: Have forklift openings on all four sides.
  4. Stringer pallets: Built using 2″ x 4″ wood, plastic, or metal. They have two-way forklift openings.
  5. Block pallets: Tend to be sturdier because they are made with parallel and perpendicular stringers. They consist of nine blocks, usually 4″ x 4″ or 4″ x 6″. These have a four-way forklift entry.



Standard Pallet Dimensions and Sizes


In this article, we answered the questions of what is a standard pallet size and weight along with other important standard pallet facts.

For information on how to ship pallets, refer to our post: How to Ship a Pallet.

Now that you know the pallet basics, let’s get shipping! Load up your pallet, shrink-wrap it, and get a quote from FreightCenter. Compare rates and book your shipment within minutes using our easy quote tool or call us at 800-716-7608.


Pallet FAQs


Knowing some common FAQs about pallets is essential, so you can spend less time figuring out how to ship your freight best and more time running your business. Below are some of the most common pallet FAQs.


What is pallet strength?

Pallet strength refers to a pallet’s breaking point. In other words, it refers to how much weight a pallet can hold before collapsing. Generally, a pallet is assigned a strength two and a half times less than its average breaking point. This is for safety reasons. For example, if a specific pallet breaks at 6,000 pounds, its strength capacity would be 2,400 pounds.

What is the standard pallet height?

6 1/2 inches tall.

Why are there slots on the sides of pallets?

The slots on the sides of pallets allow the forklift to lift them. This makes loading and unloading easier and safer.

What does the ISPM-15 stamp mean?

The ISPM-15 stamp means that the pallet meets international shipping standards. These pallets have been treated to prevent the spread of disease and insects. This reduces the chances of causing damage to plants or ecosystems.

Is it worth repairing a pallet?

The cost to repair a pallet will depend upon the extent of the damage. Standard repairs generally cost anywhere between $2.00 to $4.00.

What are Euro pallets?

Also known as a EUR-pallet. They are mostly used in Europe and have a standard size of 1200 mm to 800 mm.

What is a Presswood pallet?

Wooden pallets that are made of wood byproducts like wood waste, raw wood shavings, and sawdust. 

What is a metal pallet?

Metal pallets are used for heavy-duty applications as they resist fire, pests, and moisture. Most often used in the automotive and industrial manufacturing industries. 

What is an ISO Pallet?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It creates global standards for dimensions and measurements in different industries, including transportation and warehousing. Its dimensions are 1200mm x 800mm (47.24 inches x 31.50 inches).

How many pallets fit on a 53 foot trailer?

If the pallets are standard size (48×40). 26 non-stackable pallets and 52 stackable standard-sized pallets.

How Many Pallets Fit on a 53-Foot Trailer
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What Is Standard Pallet Size and Weight?
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