Intermodal Freight Shipping

Intermodal Freight Shipping

Intermodal or rail freight shipping with FreightCenter provides an economical and "green" way to transport goods via trucking and rail service.

What Is Intermodal Freight Shipping?

Intermodal freight shipping involves the transportation of freight in an intermodal container using multiple modes of transportation. Various modes can be any version or combination of rail, ship, aircraft, and truck.

This is done without handling the freight itself when changing modes. The method reduces cargo handling, improves security, and reduces damage and loss. Doing this allows freight to be transported faster. This reduction of costs over road trucking is the key benefit for inter-continental use. Reduced timings for road transport over shorter distances may offset this.

Intermodal Freight Shipping is a modern way to move large-sized goods. It involves using containers that different modes of transport can handle. Trucks and rail carry containers from one port to another. The contents can then be unloaded, divided, and shipped out again to their final destinations via a “drayage.” Drayage is a shipping & logistics term referring to transporting goods over a short distance (less than 100 miles).

What are the Benefits of Intermodal Freight Shipping?

Railroads for land transportation can offer considerable cost savings depending upon the length and distance from a port or tunnel to where your goods will be loaded onto another vehicle. Generally speaking, the longer these routes are – say over 1 thousand miles- the more you’ll save! This is because it takes less time than just getting into trucks immediately after loading them onto ships at sea, thus reducing fuel consumption by up 40%.

Intermodal transportation is a great way to transport goods when there is a tight truck capacity or driver shortage. One advantage of intermodal over other modes, such as railroads, ships, etc., lies in its operational nature. Doubling container load capacities on some trains mean you don’t need two drivers per train! Dray can offer more flexibility and reliability due to its ability to turn multiple loads into one shipment.

Truckload transportation has an advantage over the rail. This is because it can be driven by a driver who operates their truck before taking on another load. This means there is no need to station them at both origin and destination ramps, which saves money on fuel costs! In addition, containerized goods are often double stacked onto each other when being transported by trucks making the total carrying capacity higher than what would otherwise always exist if loaded alone into cars or trains – this also helps protect against any damage caused during transport due out interference between variously sized pieces being carried together without

The History of Intermodal Transport

Intermodal Freight Shipping goes back to England in the 1780s when coal containers were transported along wooden rails and canals, pulled by horses. In the late 1700s, iron replaced the wooden rails and wheels as wagonways evolved into popular “tramways” throughout Europe. The iron wheels and rails made pulling easier for the horses, requiring fewer horses for quicker transport.

In 1802, Richard Trevithick patented a “high-pressure engine” and created the first steam-powered locomotive engine to run on iron rails, earning it the “iron horse.” Before that, real horses provided the power (“horsepower”) until the steam-powered locomotive replaced them entirely.

In the 1800s, trains were primarily used to transport coal and other minerals but rarely moved furniture or other goods, as most were locally made and sold. Horse trams were still used into the late 1890s, but only as a standard mode for transporting people through the city. By 1890 the average New Yorker took about 297 horsecar rides a year.

Don’t Miss the Train

FreightCenter offers 360-degree support with budget-friendly prices, seasoned freight experts, and access to our trusted carrier partners. Choosing intermodal options with FreightCenter allows you to move your freight efficiently at a reasonable rate.

To get a quote or learn more about the benefits of intermodal freight, speak to one of our freight experts today by calling 800.716.7608.

Intermodal shipping is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to transport goods. It’s most effective when truckload capacity and time aren’t your top priorities – our experts can help determine if this option meets all of yours!

When you need to move your freight, we have access and relationships with some of the top companies in North America. We offer competitive rates that will save you money on shipping costs; plus, our experienced team can handle anything from small packages up to significant volumes without any issue!

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