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Accessorials & Optional Shipping Services

Is your shipment more involved than a pickup and delivery from one loading dock to another? See the accessorials and extra options that may apply.

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What Are Accessorials?

When shipping freight, make sure it receives the proper handling it requires. Think of accessorials as add-ons to your shipment, just like adding technical features to a computer you’re buying. Some may be required, while others are completely optional. Use this list to help you determine which services you need or want for your shipment.

Freight Scheduling Options

Expedited Freight—If you have urgent, time-sensitive shipments that must arrive at its destination by a certain date (and sometimes, a certain time), expedite them. Your freight will move as priority freight, and our freight agents will work around the clock to ensure it gets where it needs to go.

Notification Services—Don’t miss pickups or run the risk of a missing your delivery. Instead, a convenient and cost-effective way to avoid missing your delivery is to set up a Call For Appointment. This will also save you time and keep your freight from sitting idle.

Freight Handling (Optional)

First Mile Service—With First Mile service your freight will be picked up and packaged, then delivered to its destination. All the work will be done for you!

Final (Last) Mile—Final Mile is the delivery of the freight to its end customer, but with additional steps in between. This service includes inside delivery and debris removal. If more services are needed, let us know and we will help you secure those requirements.

Inside Pickup/inside Delivery—Perhaps one of the biggest causes for billing adjustments for shippers is the assumption that carriers function as moving services. That is, the driver will physically pick up and deliver the goods. Such is not the case. Unless otherwise specified, freight that is not picked up and delivered at a loading dock will be picked up and delivered at the curb. With inside pickup/delivery, your freight will be dropped off on your driveway or in your garage (if residential). If the delivery location is a store, the shipment will be delivered just  inside the front door. This is another service our carriers can provide at an extra fee, which is especially convenient when you’re a small to midsize business.

White Glove Service—With White Glove Service you will not be responsible for packaging, moving, loading, or unloading your furniture. Your furniture will be picked up and delivered inside your destination. They will even unpack and take care of debris removal for you. Some carriers offer a complete, door-to-door service and will save you the hassle of having to worry about properly packaging and preparing your furniture for shipping.

Freight Handling (Required)

Residential Service—Residential shipping can be tricky for the shipper and the carrier, since residential areas are not built with commercial purposes in mind (even if you run a business out of your home, a house is always still a home). These include:

  • Apartments
  • Residences
  • Farms
  • Home-based businesses
  • Remote locations

Residentially zoned locales are not freight-truck friendly. Make sure to inform your freight agent, or have them check so you can choose our residential services ahead of time, and avoid potential billing adjustments.

Lift Gate at Pickup/Delivery—Customers must provide means to load/unload their shipments if there is no loading dock. If the cargo weighs over 100 lbs. and there is no loading dock, a truck with a lift gate will be required. If the driver arrives to find that the location does not have a loading dock and the truck does not have a lift gate, the driver will not be able to pick up or deliver the freight. The driver will have to return at a later date with a truck that has a lift gate. This will incur billing adjustments for the liftgate vehicle as well as for the second trip for the pickup/delivery.

Limited Access Pickup/Delivery—Limited access pickup is any destination that restricts trucks from entering an area. This includes any place that:

  • Is not open to the general walk-in public during normal business hours.
  • Does not have personnel readily available to assist with the pick up or delivery, or does not have access to loading dock or platform.
  • Requires a smaller truck for pickup or delivery.
  • Is a sites that is gated, guarded, or secure.

Some examples of limited access locations are: airports, construction sites, churches, government facilities, farms, hotels/ motels, hospitals, schools, mini-storage facilities, nursing homes, prisons, and other such locations.

Some locales may be deemed limited access by the driver upon arrival.

Special Freight Conditions

Hazmat—Hazardous materials require specific containerization and licensed carriers. They also require additional paperwork and verification with carrier that they will transport. Hazardous materials include fuels, bio-chemicals and pharmaceuticals. This is a service we can square away for you.

Oversize Freight—Oversize freight requires the movement of cargo that’s longer, wider, and/or taller than the footprint of a standard trailer. This requires specific transportation equipment that we can arrange for you.

Make sure your freight quote is accurate by knowing the services your shipment requires. Not sure what services you need? Our Freight Agents can help you out. Contact us online or give us a call at 800.716.7608.

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