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Liftgate Service

Lift Gate Service

If the pickup or delivery site does not have a loading dock and the cargo weighs too much for an individual to handle, a lift gate will be required.

Many businesses fail to consider how they will remove their freight from the truck upon delivery. Without a loading dock, lift gate service may be required for delivery. If you have freight that is either too big or too heavy to lift, a lift gate comes in very handy.

Generally, there are two types of lift gate services:

1. Liftgate pickup, where the lift gate is used to pick up cargo
2. Liftgate delivery is where the lift gate is used to drop the cargo off at its final destination.

When you add lift gate service to your shipment, the driver is responsible for moving your cargo on and off the platform. If it is a delivery, you will also need to move the freight once it’s off the liftgate unless you have added white glove or inside delivery service.

What is lift gate service?

So, what is a liftgate? A lift gate is located on the back of a freight trailer to enable cargo to be raised from or lowered to the curb when the location does not have a loading dock. A lift gate may be required at pickup and/or delivery.



When is lift gate service required?

Customers must provide means to load/unload their shipments if there is no loading dock. If the cargo weighs over 100 lbs. and there is no loading dock, a truck with a lift gate will be required.

Most pickup and delivery trucks do not have lift gates. When a lift gate is needed, there is an accessorial charge for the use of the lift gate. If your shipment is going to require lift gate service at the point of pickup or delivery, you should order it (and the associated accessorial charges) when you book the shipment.

Otherwise, you will receive a billing adjustment that may cost you more than ordering the lift gate ahead of time.

What if one is needed, but the truck doesn’t have one?

If you order a lift gate, but the pickup or delivery vehicle doesn’t have one, the carrier will reschedule your appointment and send the proper vehicle at no extra charge.

If you do not order a lift gate, but one is necessary, and the vehicle does not have one, the driver will have no choice but to abandon the pickup/delivery, and the carrier will reschedule the shipment. This will result in billing adjustments for the rescheduled pickup/delivery and the use of the lift gate.

Will Your Pickup/Delivery Require A Lift Gate?

If you’re not sure whether or not you will need a lift gate for your pickup or delivery, call FreightCenter at 800.716.7608 and discuss the situation with your shipping agent. They will be sure to get you set up with the services you need.

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