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What Are Freight Rates?

Freight rate refers to the cost of shipping an item from one location to another. There are several factors that impact final freight rates, such as an item’s weight, size, NMFC code, freight class and more.

Additionally, there are other factors that influence a shipment’s cost that constantly fluctuates. For example, fuel costs and trailer capacity frequently change and impact freight rates.

Your freight rate primarily depends on five factors: 

  1. The type of freight, 
  2. The mode of transport (truck, ship, train, aircraft), 
  3. The weight of your shipment, 
  4. The size of the shipment and 
  5. The distance to the delivery destination.

FreightCenter helps shippers find the best rate available by analyzing all available carriers and routes for their shipment. Our free freight quote tool provides shippers with instant access to freight rates from dozens of top freight carriers.

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