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what is a freight carrier

Freight carriers play a crucial role in the supply chain by facilitating the movement of goods between manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers.

What is a Freight Carrier?

Freight Carrier

A freight carrier is also known as a common carrier, freight company, or trucking company. It’s an entity that specializes in transporting freight—or cargo—from one location to another. When FreightCenter brokers a freight shipment, it contracts one of its 60+ freight carrier partners to have them transport its customers’ goods to its destination. We are happy to assist with questions about them and with booking one of them.

You might be wondering if these are local deliverers or ones that go across the country. Freight carriers are people or companies that handle shipments around the world. They may use a truck, train, boat, or even an airplane. Are you shipping international freight or a small and stackable Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipment? If so, several carriers may handle and transfer your shipment.

How Do They Differentiate

There are many different kinds of freight carriers. They can differ due to the vehicle’s size, what is packed within, or the vehicle type. You want to use LTL when you have a stackable item that won’t take up the entire truck. For Full Truckloads, you’d have to pay for unused space. However, you would easily get your shipment done faster. The others are done for particular causes such as:

  • Plane: International

  • Boat: International and or Island

  • Train: Portions too large or dangerous for truck

  • Truck: Border Crossing Deliveries

Different Items Different Freight Carrier

Not a single carrier will agree to ship any and all types of items. This can be due to various reasons. Some will refuse to ship items that they rank as hazardous. Others may not be able to ship your item.

This is due to you needing them to have trucks that can keep the inside at a certain temperature. Both items and carriers can be unique with specific requirements. FreightCenter is happy to assist in figuring those out for you.

truckload on the way

What Makes Them a Freight Carrier

What makes them a company and or carrier is not just the actions that take place. It involves their ownership as well. Freight companies own trucks, warehouses, and terminals.

To clarify, not every one of them owns all of these, but at least one of the three. They own one of or all of the properties involved with your shipment. All of the time and effort, along with the vehicle used, is entirely done by them.

That’s why they determine the cost of the shipment. However, there are ways around them.

How to Find the Best Option

You will find that it can take time to find the best carrier for you. Due to their commitment to finding the right carrier, third-party logistics companies, or 3PLs, are the way to go.

Shipping and logistics within the industry are very complex. 3PLs partner with the customer and the carrier. They are the man or woman behind the scenes, who takes care of everything, from start to finish.

You will discover many benefits when teaming up with a 3PL company. A 3PL, such as FreightCenter, assists you in receiving low shipping rates.

We have very knowledgeable agents who can assist with shipments and any kind of questions you may have. You can receive fast and easy quotes online. You can also speak directly with an agent by phone. Customers can reach us at 1(800) 716-7608.


FreightCenter assists shippers by helping them determine their best options. We find the best carrier for their needs and move their cargo at the best available rate. We here at FreightCenter have been around since 1998.

We’ve assisted in booking/monitoring freight carriers for many years and many wonderful companies. As a result, we are always happy to assist in booking shipments both within the U.S. and around the world.

FreightCenter helps shippers avoid this time-consuming process by finding the best carrier for their needs in order to move their cargo at the best available rate. Our free freight quote tool provides shippers with instant access to freight rates from dozens of top freight carriers.

This helps shippers find the best rate available by analyzing all available carriers and routes for their shipment and you won’t even need to provide too much info. What would be needed are the postal codes of both the pickup and drop locations.

In addition, the facility types of each location, along with the dimensions of your shipment. You will be able to compare all rates available and get the best one possible for your shipment.

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