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Busy Seasons of Freight Shipping


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The freight shipping industry changes throughout the year, leading to the four seasons of freight shipping. Whether it is shifting economic market conditions like supply and demand or seasonal weather patterns impacting how shipping companies get moving, your supply chain will need to adapt to whatever comes its way as the year goes on. Luckily, we’re here to provide some insight on what to expect for each of the four seasons of freight shipping.

Busy Seasons of Freight Shipping

The Holiday Hangover (January – March)

The first quarter of the year is the “quiet time” for many industries and much of the economy. Freight shipping is no different. The volume of freight shipping noticeably declines in the aftermath of the big-money-spending holidays. And the treacherous weather that follows the holiday season makes it very difficult for shipping companies to safely ship freight.

The demand for shipping drastically decreases, carriers find it difficult to fulfill capacity and rates are low. This is the perfect time to recover from the holiday rushes and start getting into the flow of regular freight shipping practices that work for you. There are busier months ahead, so getting your supply chain fully optimized should be the primary goal this season.

Spring Fever (April – July)

The freight shipping industry picks up again during April through July. Carriers can pick up loads easier, rates start to increase, and shippers have a harder time finding the space they need on trucks. The produce industry ramps up its shipping activity with many fruits and veggies being in season. Safely transporting food so it stays fresh is something food businesses prioritize, and there’s an increase in the use of refrigerated trailers. In addition, businesses need to track the status of their shipment and stay updated on the latest weather alerts.

Our Holiday Shipping Playbook is an all-in-one guide to help you plan every step of your holiday shipping season strategy. It’s never too early to plan for the holidays when it comes to freight. This shipping season is unlike any other during the year!

FreightCenter is Here Year-Round

No matter what time of year it is, FreightCenter is the preferred shipping solutions partner for businesses everywhere. We understand how the industry changes with each season and can empower your supply chain with customized solutions that fit your needs. We’ll handle everything logistics so you can focus on what really matters; running your business.

Get a free quote today or call 8007167608 and see how FreightCenter can keep your supply chain running smooth all year long.

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