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Get a Freight services quote. Compare rates and delivery times with FreightCenter for LTL, Truckload, Rail/Intermodal, International, Canadian shipping, residential shipping, and more.

Instant Freight Quotes

Instant online freight shipping quotes from all the top carriers are just a few steps away. Trust the experts at FreightCenter to give you the best prices and options for your Freight shipping needs. Get real-time LTL freight rates from over 50 carriers, allowing you to compare and save. You only pay for the portion of the trailer used.

Why Choose Us For A Freight Quote?

  • Freight Rates from 50+ carriers instantly.

  • Shipping Quotes anytime

  • Get Freight Shipping Quotes to anywhere in the U.S. & Canada.

  • Unbeatable discounts on your freight LTL, truckload, rail, air, and more

  • Automated Freight tracking, paperwork & invoices

  • Manage all quotes & shipments in one place

  • 24+ years of logistics experience working for you!

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Compare Multiple Freight Company Quotes

FreightCenter provides a web-based free freight rating tool that lets you get an instant rate online. When you run a quote, it shows you actual rates from numerous top freight carriers available to transport your freight and their scheduled transit times. You choose which carrier you want.

How to Save Up to 95% When Using FreightCenter

FreightCenter is where top carriers compete for your business shipping. We have developed proprietary software that lets customers instantly access rate quotes and estimated transit times. Doing this will allow you to compare multiple freight carrier quotes to make saving on shipping as easy as possible. Typically, our customers save 25%, 50%, 75%, or more – up to 95% – of what the customer would have to pay a carrier if they booked through the carrier directly. Our technology is proprietary and used by our teams of shipping agents. Get started by running a free, instant quote. If you need help, contact one of our shipping agents by calling FreightCenter at 800.716.7608.

7 Benefits Of Online Freight Quotes.

Saves Time: 

By booking a shipment online. You don’t have to spend your time calling hundreds of companies looking for the best rate or fastest transit time.

Increases security: 

FreightCenter ensures all our freight carriers that provide quotes are fully licensed and insured and meet the FMCSA standards.

Extra service options: 

When Shipping LTL Freight, you can access special services like liftgates and inside pickup and delivery.

Online tracking and tracking by Text: 

Most of our freight carriers provide full tracking online by using either a PO number, the bill of lading number, or the shipment reference number. We even send text notifications.

Instant Shipping Cost Comparison: 

Stop calling multiple carriers for quotes on each shipment. Achieve the same results – along with reduced prices.

Complete Freight Shipping Solutions: 

We have the extended resources and unmatched capabilities to guarantee the most-fitting shipping solution at an affordable cost.

My FreightCenter Portal: 

Access all freight, services, quotes, current and past shipments, and paperwork directly online from your account page. Instantly compare rates and services from various freight companies.

When To Use Online Freight Quoting System:

  • Know the Weight and Size of your Shipment

  • Know the origin and destination of your shipment.

  • Need help finding the right company to move your load.

  • Need help deciding which is better for your shipment, LTL or FTL or specialized.

  • Need a same-day pick-up.

  • Ship less than 250 Loads per month or spend less than $5 million a year on freight.

Free Freight Quotes From All The Best Freight Companies

Quotes from all the best freight companies are just a few steps away. Fill in a few short details about your shipment and receive instant Quotes from leading freight carriers in one easy place. Trust the experts at FreightCenter to give you the best prices and options for your Freight shipping needs.

Why Us For A Freight Quote?

  • Freight Quoting Newest Technology: 

    By entering your shipment’s origin zip code, destination zip code, and weight, our tool instantly calculates a shipping quote online.

  • Live Person For A Quote:

     We’ll reach out to you directly for any additional details or help you move forward with setting up your freight services.

  • No Hidden Quote Fees: 

    We have no hidden fees on freight or shipping quotes.

  • Streamlined Quoting Process: 

    We pride the fastest freight quotes possible. Our online process eliminates unnecessary steps and delivers bookable real-time quotes online.

Variables That Determine An Accurate Quote

Freight shipping is transporting items too large for the postal service to ship, usually over 150 pounds. Freight can include single large items like furniture or an engine. It can also be many smaller items, like textiles or flooring materials. Calculating a shipping quote means taking into account several variables.

  • Freight class

  • Dimensions and weight

  • Lanes and route optimization

  • Shipping distance

  • Accessorials – additional fees for shipping with special requirements or limited access

Get Freight Shipping Quotes Instantly Online

Use our free online shipping quote calculator to save money on your next shipment. Our instant quote calculator offers instant results from many U.S. top-rated freight carriers. It will show you the most cost-effective and efficient way to ship your freight. You only need information such as pickup and delivery locations, as well as the weight and dimensions of the shipment. The best rates from many carriers will be provided to you when you sign up for a free account. Our results include available carriers, transit times, and your discounted price. You can also book your shipment immediately after getting your online quote. Contact us via our toll-free number at 800.716.7608. A friendly agent will be happy to help you with all your freight needs and questions.

FreightCenter is your one-stop shop for freight shipping solutions. Our shipping solutions make it simple no matter how much freight you need or where to move it. We offer less than truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), intermodal or international services.

How To Get Reduced Freight Quotes

Use Freight Terminals

Most freight terminals are in large cities or towns. If shipping from a small city, try finding nearby terminals for potential savings. Take your package or palletized shipment to the carrier’s terminal to save on travel’s first and last leg. Use terminal-to-terminal services for extra money savings.

Shipping Preparation

Use boxes and consider crating your product. Learn how to create your DIY crate with our handy instructions. Merge the shipment to as few pallets as possible. Freight estimates are determined using weights and dimensions and pickup and delivery locations. Keep the dimensions packed tighter and smaller, and you have even more potential for savings.

The Right Stuff

Box or palletize the shipment by adding protective packing materials. Secure your item or items to the pallet with shrinkwrap. It is advised not to let your shipment overhang the pallet, or you may risk damaging corners and edges. If you need help with packaging your item, we can offer a custom solution to your shipping needs. Just give us a call at 800.716.7608.

Compare Freight Carriers

Shop for rates from the top freight carriers. With FreightCenter, we work with the carriers so you can go about your business. Depending on how frequently and where you ship, we can offer the highest discount from the best-known names in the industry.

Be Accurate

When entering your shipment details into our freight quote calculator, provide accurate weight information. Total shipping weight must include packaging. Take the time to measure your shipment’s height, width, and depth. Consider using custom boxes or pallets to save even more time on packaging. A considerable price factor aside from the destination of your quote is the weight and dimensions. Because of this, it’s essential always to use accurate information. Suppose you are not shipping from a business or location with a dock. In that case, you may require a liftgate, which costs an additional fee at the pickup and delivery time.

Triple Check

When your freight shipment arrives, check immediately for any damage and loss. The report claims right away. FreightCenter acknowledges that adjustments made by the carrier after the point of the pickup could incur more costs to the shipper. Please call [800.716.7608] if you need clarification on a quote or service terms.

Online Freight Quote Calculator

Our freight quote calculator will have you ready to ship within minutes. See some of the best rates the industry can offer and obtain services from the most reputable vendors in the freight shipping business. Get a quote online, by email, or contact us at 800.716.7608. We are here to help you. Try us out today for free.

Easy-to-use Freight Costing Technology

At FreightCenter, we take pride in offering full-service transportation solutions to our customers while optimizing all your freight shipping needs. Instantly view a cost comparison between your chosen carriers and other freight and trucking companies servicing that lane when shipping to New York, Washington, Georgia, or other states. With so many routes, pages, and options to choose from, quickly find the most cost-effective freight service provider.

Get a freight services quote from FreightCenter. We lead the industry in freight services and organizing freight shipments for individuals & businesses with complex supply chains. Our web-based tools allow you to compare LTL freight costs instantly online and request truckload and specialized quotes from the nation’s top-rated carriers. By partnering with FreightCenter, you’ll have the ability to leverage the buying power of a trusted, award-winning logistics provider.

We Provide Quotes For The Following Freight Services:

Access All Your Quotes And Bookings From You Account

Our online portfolio allows you to manage all your freight shipping in one central location with the easy touch of a button on your “My FreightCenter” account. My FreightCenter portal allows you to request a freight quote, previous access shipments, and paperwork. You can also review your statements, and instantly start and save new quotes. You can always call your dedicated account manager for the same instant service, rates, and results. Our unmatched shipping service and unparalleled technology will deliver an optimized transportation solution for your business with precision and accuracy.
If you’re looking for a freight services quote, you’ve come to the right place. At FreightCenter, we pride ourselves on providing shipping rates and delivery times that are second to none. We understand that when it comes to freight, every minute counts. That’s why we offer various services designed to make your life easier.

Freight Logistics Is More Than Just Shipping Rates

Whether you need help with logistics or need someone to handle the paperwork, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a free freight services quote. We’ll work with you to find the best shipping solution quickly and efficiently. We look forward to serving you! At FreightCenter, we take pride in our ability to offer full-service transportation solutions to our customers while optimizing your freight shipping needs. Instantly view a cost comparison between freight carriers and other freight and trucking companies. You are guaranteed to find the most cost-effective, complete option every time and everywhere you ship. It doesn’t matter if it is Texas, California, or anywhere across the United States. There is no other freight company that offers a complete package like FreightCenter. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to freight shipping! We’ll get your quote to you in minutes.

Save Time Comparing Freight Quotes From Carriers

When it comes to freight shipping, timing is essential. That’s why we offer various services designed to make your life easier. Whether you need help with logistics or need someone to handle the paperwork, we’re here to help. We’ll work with you to find the best solution and ensure that your freight shipment gets dealt with quickly and efficiently.

You can trust that our freight services are the best in the industry. Our unmatched service and unparalleled execution will deliver optimized transportation solutions for your business with precision and accuracy. We have a wide range of services to choose from, and we’re always here to help you find the best solution for your needs.

Access all freight services quotes, current and past shipments, and paperwork directly online from your account page. Instantly get a freight quote review. Our online rate quote tool is the best way to get quotes from multiple carriers with a few clicks. You can be sure you’re getting the best shipping rates and delivery times available. 

FreightCenter Simplifies Quoting Freight

Since its inception, FreightCenter has successfully transported over 1.5 million LTL shipments. We combine our innovative transportation management system (TMS) technology to streamline and centralize the less-than-truckload shipping process. In addition, our shippers have a dedicated freight account manager who works with them every step to handle even the most unique shipping needs. Get the most out of shipping LTL freight by instantly comparing freight rates from top carriers or calling us at 800.716.7608.


Special Freight Services Available When Getting A Quote

Most LTL freight carriers specialize in one or two specialized services. FreightCenter’s vast network of freight carriers allows us to offer a large variety of specialized services, including the following:

Expedited Shipping LTL Freight Services:  

Request an expedited quote when you need goods to arrive at their destination faster than the standard transit time. Service levels include 3-day, 2-day, overnight, and next-day freight services. Expedited services are offered for time-sensitive freight.

Lift Gate Services:

Many of our carriers offer lift gate services upon request. They are often needed at pick up and delivery when a forklift isn’t available on site. Used when freight exceeds 100 pounds and the receiving location does not have a dock for the shipment to be moved directly off the truck.

Notification Services: 

It can be arranged before shipment picks up or delivery, so you know when to expect the truck.

Inside pickup and delivery: 

If the carrier needs to enter the building to obtain the freight to load or complete the delivery by bringing it indoors, you will need to ask for this service.

White Glove Services:

Are available for residential shipments or commercial locations. This service is best for items that need an extra set of hands or packaging experience.

Comparing freight rates:

Includes more than just freight picks up or delivery. First-mile services include inside pickup, packaging, dismantling; stair carries; and more. Final mile services include inside delivery, removal of packaging materials, assembly or setup, and more.

Limited Access Pick-Ups/Deliveries:

This service is required for deliveries heading to locations with limited access or destinations that restrict trucks from entering, such as residential areas, construction sites, military bases, schools, churches, government facilities, construction sites, camps, rural areas, strip malls, etc.

Hazardous Materials Transportation: 

It may include but is not limited to the transport of fuels, bio-chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. FreightCenter has specialized carriers that handle hazmat transportation.

Guaranteed Services:

May include the date- and time-specific needs for pick up or delivery, guaranteed within a predetermined time window (e.g., before noon on a Thursday or after 5 p.m. on a Tuesday). Please speak with our Freight Agents to arrange shipment with a carrier that offers such guarantees.

After You Request a rate, Be Sure To Verify

  • Dimensions: Round up to the next inch when measuring a shipment’s length, width, and height. Accurate measurements are essential for carriers to maximize their trailer space. Improper measuring will result in a Billing Adjustment.

  • Documentation: The lading bill must be completed as accurately as possible and given to the carriers when they arrive at the pickup point. The BOL acts as a receipt in a way for the goods that are being shipped.

  • Packaging and labeling: Load goods onto pallets to condense and protect your shipments. Be sure to place heavy items on the bottom of pallets or crates, and make sure you should put a label on the side.

Freight Quote faqs

What Does A Freight Quote Do?

A freight quote is a rate the shipper and carrier or broker agree to for freight service. A quote estimates the shipping cost based on the information you provide. The pickup and delivery location, the pick-up date, and the commodity type determine the shipping cost you receive.

How Do You Get A Freight Quote?

You can contact a freight carrier directly to get a quote or use a freight broker to compare freight prices from multiple shipping companies.

What is a Freight Quote Calculator?

A freight quote calculator helps you get accurate freight shipping estimates once you enter some basic shipment information. A shipping calculator instantly calculates freight rates from multiple top freight companies at once.  This includes the estimated in-transit time.

Is Fuel Surcharge Included In A Freight Quote?

Yes, Most rates include the fuel surcharge. Confirming that your quote includes the fuel surcharge before shipping is recommended.

What Are Current Freight Rates?

As of 2023 National average Full Truckload Freight rates are currently $2.75 per mile. This is $. 10  lower than the 2022 average.

Freight Quote Vs Freight Estimate?

A freight quote is a freight estimate. Both are common phrases used to describe the shipping rate a shipper and carrier or broker agree to for freight service rendered.




Other Common Questions:

What Is LTL Freight?

What Does LTL Freight Mean?

How Do I Ship LTL Freight?

How does LTL work? 

What’s the difference between LTL and FTL? 

Should I ship through a parcel carrier or LTL provider? 

When To Use LTL Freight For Shipping?

Who Is the Best LTL Freight Carrier?

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We provide competitive freight shipping prices and an all-inclusive, easy-to-use shipping experience for our customers. Exceeding our customers’ expectations results in thousands of satisfied customer reviews and repeat business. We believe in the power of our customer relationships. Check out FreightCenter reviews from real customers, and learn what they have to say about their freight shipping experience!

I would recommend to anyone.

Working With Jennifer Rendine has been super easy. I know that every detail will be taken care of with each and every shipment. I would recommend to anyone. 5 Stars!

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It was very easy to do and priced right . The people I talked to were very friendly and helpful !

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It was a great experience. Everything went very smoothly. My customer service rep was exceptional!

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I have used Freight Center for 3 different pickups and so far everything has worked beautifully. I would highly recommend their services and the pricing is very competitive. Thank you Freight Center for the good job.

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So happy using FreightCenter. Great service and lowest price. My go to shipper from now onT!

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Easy to work with. Scheduled on line and then a CS rep called us to make sure all the details were in order to ship our product correctly to the customer.

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