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cargo container

Standard 20' & 40' cargo containers can be moved easily from truck to rail or ship. FreightCenter arranges pickup and delivery of container freight.

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Cargo Container Shipping

Cargo containers are strong metal boxes in two standard sizes: 20 feet and 40 feet. A cargo container is also called a shipping container, sea container, and c-containers.

Standard Sizes and Uses of Cargo Containers

Cargo containers can easily be moved from one transportation mode to another. This is called intermodal shipping. This means the cargo is carried by more than one transportation system. Carriers that use cargo containers to transport goods over long distances by train or ship internationally use these containers.

There are two types of freight shipping: full container load (FCL) and partial container load (PCL). Freight that travels by rail or ship is typically less expensive than freight that moves by truck or air because the transit time is much longer.

Get the Best Cargo Container Freight Rate

FreightCenter helps connect commercial and residential shippers with companies that ship freight in containers. We have an extensive network of carriers to choose from to find the best rate for your shipment. Whether you need a full container or just a few items shipped, our booking agents will help get your load on its way.

To get started with your next container shipment, contact a member of our elite team of shipping experts at 800.716.7608.

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