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Commercial Trucking

Compare major commercial trucking companies online with FreightCenter and save up to 95% off domestic and international freight services.

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What Is Commercial Trucking?

Commercial trucking is a business where companies transport goods between locations. There are a lot of commercial trucking companies in the United States. These companies have tractor trailers that they use to transport goods. They also have drivers and people who work in warehouses and logistics. Their services are available to everyone, but high-volume shippers get discounts.

How Do Minimum Shipping Volume Contracts Work?

Most large commercial trucking companies require you to ship a minimum amount of products each month. This is so they can maintain your account with them. The cost of shipping with these companies will often be based on how much product you ship each month. If you are a one-time shipper or don’t meet their shipping volume requirement, a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics company) might be the best solution for you.

Get More Truck Per Buck

FreightCenter is a leading 3PL. We maintain shipping volume discounts with major commercial trucking companies and pass on considerable savings to our customers. FreightCenter provides freight and commercial trucking services for all businesses, including small to medium sized businesses, large corporations, government agencies and the U.S. Military. FreightCenter partners with a lot of trucking companies to offer great services for homes and businesses. Because we ship a lot, we get discounts from our partners. As a customer, you get to use those discounts.

You will get discounted shipping rates from multiple carriers. Compare their prices, services, and transit times. Pick the one that works best for you. Then book it. Once your shipment is booked, one of our experts will review it. They may contact you with questions about your freight or business. Their goal is to provide you with the exact shipping services that match your needs.

commercial Trucking Tools

You should choose the best shipping method for your freight. If you have an online store or auction listing, you should build a custom freight shipping calculator. This will let your customers get shipping quotes without leaving your page.

Enterprise Level Service

Do you have a large business that ships frequently that is in need of commercial trucking? Our Enterprise Logistics division specializes in shipping freight for businesses of all sizes. Our business development specialists will handle every step of the process, from freight audits to billing. They will make sure your logistics are handled efficiently and effectively.

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