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Consolidated Freight

Consolidated freight services are included in every freight quote you get online with FreightCenter. Book online or by phone today and save up to 85%.

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What Is Consolidated Freight Service?

Consolidating freight services involves combining multiple LTL freight shipments into a partial or full truckload shipment. Consolidate freight to help optimize your supply chain logistics by saving time and lowering overall cost per unit.

Consolidated freight also ships via air and ocean freight, enabling you to avoid higher costs by combining your internationally-bound freight with other shipments.

How Much Does It Cost to Consolidate Freight?

Regardless of whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, when you choose FreightCenter as your 3PL your freight is automatically consolidated with other shipments that are moving along the same lane or are headed in the same direction. By placing more shipments on fewer trucks, we are able to keep your costs down while reducing truck capacity issues that arise when space is wasted.

To get started finding the exact costs of a consolidated shipment, get a free online freight shipping rate quote instantly or speak with a freight shipping expert at 800.716.7608.

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