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Container Freight Shipping

Shipping container freight is easy and affordable with FreightCenter, via truck, rail and/or ship. Compare top carrier rates and save.

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What Is Container Freight?

Containers are used for domestic and international shipments. Domestic container shipping uses a combination of rail and truck, while international containers are typically moved by ship and truck.

How Do I Ship Container Freight?

Container freight often entails more than one form of conveyance, making it a tall order for an infrequent shipper to arrange. Carriers prefer to work with companies that sign a long-term contract guaranteeing a minimum number of shipments. Infrequent shippers rely on 3PLs (3rd Party Logistics companies) like FreightCenter to arrange shipping with the carrier(s that provide the best combination of rate and service.

How to Save Money on Container Freight Shipping?

3PLs arrange shipping services for shippers large and small. Some 3PLs, like FreightCenter, specialize in working with small-to-medium-size businesses that do not ship frequently enough to make it worth their while to sign a contract with one particular carrier. Because of the high-volume of shipping FreightCenter does, we hold heavily-discounted contracts with many carriers. Our customers enjoy the benefits of those discounts, frequently saving 25%, 50%, 75% or more compared with booking directly through the exact same carrier themselves.

FreightCenter arranges pickup and delivery of container freight, whether the mode is intermodal or international ocean cargo. We work with an extensive network of trucking and freight companies that specialize in container freight shipping. Whether you have a full container load (FCL) or partial container load (PCL), our booking agents can find the right carrier at a great rate.

Rely on Freightcenter

FreightCenter is a provider of freight transportation services for shippers all across the United States, Canada and internationally. More than 80 U.S. freight companies have negotiated contracted rates with FreightCenter, so we can save you money and time with each and every shipment you book with us.

All requests for container freight quotes are welcome. No restrictions on size, location or destination. You’ll find our agents knowledgeable and helpful. Call us at 800.716.7608 to get started.

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