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Government & Corporate Shipping

Enterprise scale freight services handling high demand corporate and government shipping. Knowledgeable account agents offer best shipping solutions.

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Military, Corporate & Government Shipping Solutions

Military, Corporate & Government Shipping Solutions

Join the numerous government, military, and institutional agencies we’ve helped save time and money. Our helpful FreightCenter agents can customize government and corporate shipping solutions for less than truckload (LTL), full truckloads (FTL), international shipments, or any special project-based load.

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What’s the Best Shipping Solution for Your Load?

Your best shipping options depend on the size and scale of your freight. Generally speaking, you’ll be choosing between LTL shipping and truckload (TL) shipping.

freight shipping best packaging
freight shipping best packaging

Less-than-Load (LTL)

Choose this option when shipping an item that is relatively small—say, an engine—and will not take up the entirety of a trailer. Pay for the amount of space you take up, rather than the entire truck. Makes sense, right? But arranging LTL transport is easier said than done. FreightCenter has put together a handy guide detailing how you’ll benefit from our expertise when arranging LTL logistics.

Learn more here: LTL Freight

Truckload (TL)

If you are shipping a large enough load (e.g. three commercial lawn mowers) you may need to utilize TL services. This option requires a lot of freight to make it a more economical choice as opposed to LTL. Any time your freight weighs more than 15,000 pounds, or if you are shipping more than ten pallets worth of goods—TL is the choice for you.

When Pricing Really Matters, Look to the Details

Many enterprises and government agencies must adhere to tight shipping budgets. To avoid any surprises, take freight class and density weight into consideration.

Freight class: Freight rates are determined by several different factors including package dimensions, weight, distance, and freight class, and your package’s pounds-per-cubic-foot (PCF) or density. Your package’s PCF is closely related to the freight class that is applied to your freight shipment. A low PCF will result in a higher class rating. In turn, a higher class rating corresponds to a higher cost to ship your freight.

Government & Corporate Shipping w/ FreightCenter

Are you a business or government entity trying to arrange a complicated shipment? If so, does partnering with a 3PL make sense? In a word: yes.

No matter the circumstance, it always makes sense to consult with FreightCenter to determine your best shipping option and get your freight quote. What sets us apart?

1. We’ve got the right tools for the job. FreightCenter understands the quickly changing needs of supply chains as freight is sent and received among suppliers, distribution centers, and customers. In fact, our top-quality service differentiates us from our competition—just ask our supply chain and enterprise shippers.

2. We’ve got the right experience for the job. As a veteran-owned 3PL provider, we understand the special requirements for military and government shipping. Our dedicated FreightCenter agents compare prices from all the top carriers to ensure the lowest price and right services for every project we help manage. We leverage our logistics and transportation expertise for local, state, and federal governments and their agencies, military and defense organizations, as well as schools of all sorts.

3. We’ve got the right carriers for the job. We offer government trucking services through the GSA and SDDC (formerly MTMC) offices. We have helped many government, military, and institutional agencies arrange LTL, truckload, intermodal, international, project management, and other specialty-freight needs. We even offer expedited options when your freight shipment is time-sensitive and needs to have a guaranteed delivery date.

4. We’ve got the right technology for the job. Tracking and status updates are available for all freight shipments, including those that need specific handling due to their sensitive or secure nature. Have peace of mind knowing you can track your freight with real-time driver updates.

We also offer live, online support, along with a FreightCenter agent dedicated specifically to your load. Receive online quotes instantly, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and directly access any BOL and paperwork, past shipping information, and saved quotes through your MyFreightCenter account.

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