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Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed Trucking

A flatbed’s design allows cranes and forklifts to load goods from all angles. FreightCenter reduces shipping costs for our customers when arranging Freight Services. Flatbed shipping is transportation for cargo that may not require the enclosure of a dry van, cannot be loaded or unloaded from a dock, or fits outside the dimensions of standard flatbed freight truck trailers.

Flatbed Services

Instant Flatbed Shipping rates from the leading trustworthy freight carriers in one easy place. Flatbed freight transport is one of the most demanding services. Delivering oversized and misshaped cargo in container trucks or enclosed carriers are impossible. With Massive demands and limited benefits, it takes a lot of work to get reliable freight haulers.

Not only are average flatbed rates higher than Dry Vans, but their size and weight capacity are also limited. Trust the experts at FreightCenter to give you the best prices and options for your hauling services.

Worldclass Flatbed Freight Services

  • Freight Services from 100+ carriers
  • Instant shipping rates anytime
  • Freight Services to anywhere in the U.S. & Canada
  • Unbeatable discounts on your Freight Services
  • Automated Freight tracking, paperwork & invoices
  • Flatbed delivery service with forklift
  • Manage all Freight quotes & shipments in one place
  • 24+ years of flatbed transportation services experience working for you!
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We provide competitive freight shipping prices and an all-inclusive, easy-to-use shipping experience for our customers. Exceeding our customers’ expectations results in thousands of satisfied customer reviews and repeat business. We believe in the power of our customer relationships. Check out FreightCenter reviews from real customers, and learn what they have to say about their freight shipping experience!

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Why Choose FreightCenter For Flatbed Services?

We bring a lot to the table regarding flatbed freight services. We are an award-winning logistics company and an American veteran-owned business. Our history, competitive pricing, and level of service are unmatched in the industry. Over the years and many miles, we have formed a dedicated and respected network of partners in the industry to help customers meet deadlines.

Our mission is to meet and exceed customer expectations in all that we do. We take care of shipping from pickup to delivery. Excellent customer service is our hallmark, and it goes a long way in building a relationship of trust. When customers select FreightCenter to handle their flatbed freight shipment, they trust us to do the job.

FreightCenter by the numbers
25 Years In Business
150K Flatbed Shipments Delivered
99.1% Damage Free Shipments
93%+ On-Time Performance

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Best Flatbed Shipping Service

Our goal is to be the most dependable trucking services provider. We’d like to handle your partial and Full trucking requirements quickly. We handle everything from heavy equipment to construction materials. It doesn’t matter what size it is; we handle all sizes. We service the entire United States and Canada; you’ll be in good hands with FreightCenter contact us to arrange a free quote! Once you request a pickup, your account manager will take all the essential details for your load to that your freight gets delivered on time and damage free.

FreightCenter Simplifies Flatbed Services

Since its inception, FreightCenter has successfully transported over 200,000 Flatbed Freight shipments. We combine our innovative transportation management system (TMS) technology to streamline and centralize the less-than-truckload shipping process. In addition, our shippers have a dedicated freight account manager who works with them every step to handle even the most unique shipping needs.

Expert shipping agents know the logistics industry inside and out. Get the most out of shipping by instantly comparing freight rates from top carriers or calling us at 800.716.7608. Partnering with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) takes the guesswork and stress out of shipping.

3 Keys To Successful Shipping

  • Fast Dispatch: All shipping points are serviced. It doesn’t matter where you are going. We will have a trailer lined up and ready to go for you
  • FAST! No Hidden Surprises: Our team has years of experience in freight services. We HANDLE issues before they become problems improved Fast
  • Delivery: Freight teams are available for expedited deliveries and hotshot service anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Flatbed Freight Shipping Experts

Navigate the complex open deck capacity network, overcome market uncertainty, and improve on-time performance—Leverage FreightCenters’ vetted, high-quality carriers and expertise to flex with the market and increase reliability. Our trucking companies allow you to transport cargo anywhere in the United States. We offer many delivery services with forklift and freight load services.

We have established relationships with several experienced carriers, providing the latest and best in hauling equipment and customer service. Even if you have oversized loads or need to transport hazardous materials, our freight forwarding services can provide a trucking solution to meet your needs!

Make cost-efficient shipping decisions based on our comprehensive market insights and transparent pricing strategies.
You can save time with a single contact who will help cover surges and planned freight services with vetted, high-quality contract carriers.
Rely on our shipping experts—we understand the nuances of freight transport industries, accessories, and equipment.

When To Use A Flatbed

  • Freight weighing more than 750 pounds.
  • Large, dense, or bulky items that need to be sideloaded.
  • Palletized or crated shipments that won’t fit in an enclosed trailer
  • Large Roll, Drums, Barrels or logs, etc.
  • Business shippers and individuals who want affordable Freight Services.

Flatbed Trailers Are Best For Shipping:

  • Any load which is too large to fit into an enclosed trailer.
  • Heavy machinery
  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators
  • Graders
  • Earthworks drills
  • Logs
  • Roofing
  • Steel
  • Sewer Pipe
  • Windmills
  • Transporting Building and Construction Materials
  • Moving Scrap Metals and Recyclables
  • Tractors
  • Industrial CNC machines
  • Pressure vessels
  • Tanks
  • Lumber
  • Farm equipment
  • Hay
  • Cars
  • Scrap or junked cars
  • Trailer hauling services
  • Carrying Landscaping Items
  • Transporting Oil and Gas Rigs


What is the Average Flatbed Shipping Rate?

The average shipping rate in the U.S. is around $3.25 per mile as of 2023. These prices can vary depending on what region you are shipping in. The examples below show the different rates in each country area.  These rates will be factored into the total cost of your shipment. Remember that these are the typical trailer cost per mile costs by region. Shipping costs and the specific rate can vary by the state and carrier you choose. The capacity and the demand can also significantly affect the prices per mile.

How to Get the Best Flatbed Shipping Rates

Getting the best shipping rates can take time and effort. The shipping rate can vary by weight, distance, destination, and fuel. You can learn about shipping rates and how to find the best rate for your business. Shipping rates vary from carrier to carrier. Additionally, fuel costs increase the price per mile. You must be flexible on your pickup dates to get the best shipping rate. , even even even even after getting a charge to ship.

The shipping rates can be complex and challenging to understand, making negotiating cheaper ones more difficult.

What Factors Determine Flatbed Shipping Costs?

Finding the best rates will depend on the freight you need to be shipped—things such as where the trailer is going to and coming from. When deciding on a carrier, you’ll want to find precisely what cargo they are willing to haul and what routes they plan on taking. The higher the weight of the load, the more fuel it’s likely to burn. Similarly, the driver’s route will impact the service’s total mileage and cost.

Much of what calculates flatbed rates is the weight and size of the freight being shipped. Factors like fuel costs, destination, and cargo weight all impact the expenses of shipping rates. Other factors that affect the shipping costs are the regions you are shipping in and the type of trailer used. In some cases, a general rule of thumb is that heavy haul rates can be similar to flatbed, depending on what equipment is used.

Flatbed per Mile Region Rates

  • West Rates per mile $2.75
  • Midwest Rates per mile $3.29
  • North Rates per mile $3.32
  • Southeast Rates per mile $3.49
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Flatbed Trucking Guaranteed competitive pricing every time you ship.
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Common Modes Of Flatbed Shipping Services

Flatbed/Open Deck: Our shipping capacity network has the transport options you need.

Specialized Flatbed Equipment: Unique freight, specific accessories, compressed timelines? Choose specialized transport equipment for special loads of all kinds. Need Conestoga rolling tarps, if anything, in particular?

Hot Shot Flatbed: Ideal for hauling smaller, time-sensitive, less-than-truckload (LTL), FTL, hot shot trailers—generally transported by Class 3, 4, or 5 trucks—fit the bill for loads that need reliable, fast delivery.

Prevent Delay With Your Flatbed Freight Delivery.

Flatbed services don’t stop for a moment. The number of flatbeds and specialized providers is barely sufficient, but the demand is outstanding. Most trucking service companies have several ongoing schedules and a very narrow timeframe for pickup and delivery. That increases the risk of failing to deliver on time and holding the supply chain back.

Reasons Why Problems Occur On Trailers:

  • Strapping not done properly
  • The unskilled driver behind the wheels
  • Not enough suspensions on the carrier
  • Unexpectedly high carrier cost despite lacking proper equipment.

Not to worry when you have full support to move your heavyweight freight faster and securely. But you can avoid these problems by choosing an exemplary service. Unlike average freight companies, FreightCenter provides first-class shipping services 24/7.

Safely Protect Freight Against the Elements

Certain trailers (i.e., curtain vans and Conestogas) can keep the elements out while allowing goods to be loaded and unloaded quickly. Due to the ability to unload your item from the side, a trailer can be quickly loaded and unloaded. For oversize loads, tarps may be used.

Flatbed Freight Company Near Me

Transport can be tricky. When shipping a trailer or partial trailer, this requires intricate planning and particular configurations of the trailer depending on the shipper’s needs. Our freight experts make shipping simple. We will ensure that your shipment has the necessary accessories, such as tie-downs, tarps, etc.

We are one of the nation’s largest online freight brokerages for the entire United States and Canada. Our first-hand trucking knowledge provides the best experience account managers to help you ship your loads. Our experienced agents will connect a truck driver with the right tractor-trailer combination for your freight needs.


Flatbed Freight faq’s

Q. What Are Flatbed Trucking Companies?


They are trucking companies that use the various types of flatbed trailers to haul your shipment from point A to point B.

Q. What are the types of flatbed trailers?


Standard, double drops, step decks, and removable goosenecks (RGN’s) are some of the trailers used for freight shipping services.

Q. What Are The Current Flatbed Shipping Rates?


The average shipping rate in the U.S. is around $3.25 per mile as of 2023. Down roughly 3% lower than average last year. The Midwest of the US costs the most per mile, with an average flatbed rate of $3.12 per mile. The cheapest rates are in the Western part of the US. This area has an average of $2.86 per mile.

Q. What kind of companies use flatbeds?


Because of their flexibility, many loads can be hauled on these types of trailers, and many companies move them.

Q. What is a Conestoga?


A Conestoga trailer is similar to the curtain van. Conestoga, unlike curtain vans, has a roof that retracts with the sides somewhat like an accordion. This setup allows shipments to be quickly loaded and unloaded and is great for shipments that must be kept dry during shipping.

Q. What is a Maxi Trailer?


A maxi trailer has increased load-bearing capacity to haul very heavy freight. As a result, a maxi trailer can physically handle more weight than a standard trailer using the same trailer dimensions. Maxi Trailers can be as long as 80 ft

Q. What Is A Curtain Van?


Curtain vans look like a dry vans, except their side walls are retractable. The retractable walls look like curtains which are where the name comes from. The curtain feature on the trailer allows for easy access to freight from either side of the trailer., Long shipments can be shipped in the dry and quickly unloaded without using forklifts that can fit inside the trailer.

Q. What is an extendable or stretch trailer?


The name says it all. This trailer is longer than a standard flatbed trailer. This type of trailer is needed to handle over length freight such as heavy construction equipment, dump trucks, long poles, and windmill components. Specialty trailers may sometimes consist of multiple parts.

Q. Lowboy Trailer or Double Drop Deck?


Similar to a drop deck configuration. Double-drop deck trailers can accommodate more weight and can be used to transport hefty construction vehicles. Still, there is a slightly raised portion of the trailer at the rear and a commonly raised portion at the front. This creates an area in the center for the load. Drop deck trailers often have ramps to drive the load directly onboard, like standard trailers. They are usually employed to haul over-dimensional cargo.

Q. What is a step-deck or drop-deck trailer?


Drop deck trailers have ramps to drive the load directly onto the trailer. A step deck trailer has two levels. A raised level to attach to the tractor unit and a lower level to hold freight too tall to be carried on a standard-height flatbed.

Q. Do Flatbeds Require Tarps For All shipments?


Not all freight loads require you to use a tarp. You must inform the driver if you need tarps or to protect your shipment from the elements.