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Engine Shipping

FreightCenter is your premier provider for shipping all manufactured engines, transmissions, and auto parts. Receive a one-price total solution with no waiting around and no hidden fees - just a complete, all-inclusive price.

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Engine Shipping Is Our Specialty

Suppose you sell engines, transmissions, or other heavy auto parts. In that case, you can integrate our engine shipping services directly into your website for instant access to our low rates for all your customers. Our shipping rates are unmatched in the industry, ensuring you receive the best service and price every time you choose us.

Engine Shipping
Engine Shipping


The cheapest Engine Shipping freight rates from all the top carriers are just a few steps away. Fill in a few short details about your shipment and receive instant freight shipping rates from leading freight carriers in one easy place. Trust the experts at FreightCenter to give you the best prices and options for your engine shipping needs.


  • Compare Engine Shipping freight rates from 50+ carriers
  • Instant Engine Shipping freight rates anytime
  • Engine Shipping solutions to anywhere in the U.S. & Canada
  • Unbeatable discounts on your freight LTL, truckload, rail, air, and more
  • Automated tracking, paperwork & invoices
  • Manage all freight quotes & shipments in one place
  • 30+ years of transportation experience working for you!

Compare Engine Shipping Carriers

Shop for engine shipping rates from multiple carriers using our instant rate quote tool. Some carriers offer cheaper rates in specific areas or services. FreightCenter will help you find a suitable carrier for your engine shipment.

Proper Engine Packaging

Package your engine properly by crating it and securing it to a standard pallet. If scratches and dents are a concern, your freight should be enclosed and uncrushable.

Triple Check

When your freight arrives, check immediately for any damage during transportation. Over the road, rides can be rough on improperly packaged goods.

Use Freight Terminals

Take your crated or palletized engine to the carrier terminal to save on travel’s first and last leg. Use the terminal-to-terminal services to save on accessorial charges and extra fees.

Be Accurate

When quoting, give the most accurate weight possible (total shipping weight must include packaging).

Shipping Preparation

Drain all liquids – including water – before shipping to avoid delay, damage, and additional charges.

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