Portable Hand-Washing Stations

Feel Good Friday: Portable Hand-Washing Stations Making a Splash

by Amernesa Kelmendi

Thanks to COVID-19, businesses, individuals, and supply chains alike are making a shift towards a “new normal” way of living. This “new normal” consists of health-conscious initiatives promoting good hygiene to mitigate the spread of COVID and other viruses. One innovative company is getting in on the new era with a creation of its own that makes it easier to sanitize and wash your hands in high traffic areas.

Hand-Washing is Going Portable

National Fleet, a global source for commercial vehicle aftermarket accessories, has created an industrial portable hand wash station. The stations are available in either mounted or standing forms, making them versatile for any number of places like trucks, construction sites, near food truck areas, golf courses, and warehouses.

Not only will this help those who live in busy areas or popular outdoor environments but also truckers on the road who are fulfilling their essential duty of moving freight and products, keeping supply chains rolling while staying germ-free. With the task of handwashing being more easily accessible for more people both at work and engaging in recreational activities, the fight against COVID-19 and other infectious viruses can be won more conveniently.

Guiding You Through

As we embark on the road to recovery, developing a phased shipping strategy and promoting the positive well-being of members in your business is vital. FreightCenter is a third-party logistics company (3PL) that can help you adapt to the rapidly changing environment and provide supply chain stability and customized shipping solutions that fit your business.

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